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Buying Christmas gifts for kids

Updated on October 25, 2016

Divide and Conquer

The buying of Christmas gifts for kids requires us to break the children's gifts into categories of age, and sex. After all what is appropriate for a 15 year old could be deadly to a 3 year old. And not many boys want the latest Barbie! So with that in mind, I've created some suggestions for each category.

Please note; I've reserved toddlers and most teens for later hubs.

It's family time

A very large family indeed!
A very large family indeed! | Source

The 5-7 Year olds

These active little curious people are blessedly unaware of the dangers surrounding them! They need protection while allowing them to explore the world they live in! So nothing small, sharp, or with exposed mechanical movement.

He'll fall in love with this!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids Folding Scooter for Age 5+ up to 100lbs
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids Folding Scooter for Age 5+ up to 100lbs

Solid stem and curves handle bars with soft foam grips Large smooth riding wheels Rear foot brake 100 pound max rider Name/type: Scooter Materials: PVC, steel, aluminum, polypropylene Dimensions: 25.2 inches long x 13 inches wide x 29.3 inches high Weight: 6 pounds Weight capacity: 100 pounds Recommended ages: 5 years and up


Sweet kids

Little boys love to build
Little boys love to build | Source

Give the gift of reading

8 – 11 Years Old

These are heavily peer motivated! They'll probable want what all their friends want.I'm not sure what is currently popular with this group, but I bet they'll be pleasantly suprised when they open these!

Fun for the little ladies

Hours of fun!
Hours of fun! | Source

12-15 years old

Children this age feel so "grown-up"! They'll likely want something that makes them feel a bit adult, while still allowing for some play time. Your choices will be a bit lopsided as girls at this age tend to be a bit more mature than the boys.

What about you

Do you shop for kids?

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That's it!

O.K. now armed with this information, get on-line and buy them! No gas, no crowds, no change of cloths.All you have to do is watch the joy and amazement on Christmas day!

Enjoy your holidays

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    • monic-alang profile image

      Monica Langley 4 years ago from USA

      Nelly is right this is not simple and easy to have gift for a baby what's about gift certificate if the baby is 11+ ??

    • NellySheina profile image

      Nelly Sheina 4 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for nice and helpful ....... I think choosing a perfect gift for kids is a most difficult task then choosing for elders :)