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Buying Christmas gifts for toddlers

Updated on October 25, 2016

Who really knows?

Every mom ever will tell you buying a Christmas present for toddlers is probably the hardest thing to during the holiday season (O.K. maybe thanksgiving dinner is #1). But as mom, will tell you no two toddlers are alike! This is true of all kids and every human for that matter. The problem is the differences in toddlers is extreme! For instance, one 3yr. old might be into reading while another 3yr. old may well be still trying to figure out building blocks!

It helps to know the toddler fairly well or, at least consult mom, but how does an adult really understand the mind of a toddler?

Two groups

When buying Christmas gifts for toddlers it's important to remember they come in two flavors! There's the "toddler" and then there's the "preschooler". Here's the difference:

The "toddler" is so called because they usually are still in the 'potty training' stage. The diapers they wear, along with their inexperienced and still developing legs, causes them to walk rather shakily or 'toddle'.

The term "preschooler" refers to the age at which they begin to prepare for school. Usually 3-5 years though some begin even earlier.


Toddlers are usually very oral. They stick whatever they can grab into their mouths! So whatever you get has to be big enough so they can't choke on it, yet light enough for underdeveloped arms. It must be free of toxic substances, easily picked up, and

Toddler toys

Since toddlers haven't had time to fully develop musical strength and fine motor skills their toys must be simple yet interactive. Blocks that are large enough to grab easily but light weight are a good choice. They'll also appeal to their creativity, although you usually can't expect much to start. In a year or two they'll still have them, but will likely moved on to more complex and interactive activities.

Your toddler will love this!!

Safe! | Source

Physical fun

Product Dimensions: 86" Diameter 12" Tall Best Suited for Children 9 months to 3 years. This soft play climbing structure is sure to provide hours of motor skill development and sensory exploration time. Blocks are constructed of sturdy 100 ILD polyurethane foam, and can be easily cleaned with any non-abrasive mild detergent. Vinyl cover is fire rated, mildew resistant, rot resistant, UV resistant and is free of lead and phthalates. All materials used in this product are CPSIA compliant and are made in the U.S.A.


The other group of 'toddler' is the preschooler. These little tykes have endless energy! They usually have enough coordination and muscle strength for more complicated activity. And, boy, are they active! From the time they wake up til they literally fall asleep, all they want to do is run and make noise (sorry mom)!

Here's one for you

Children's Factory Baby Corral Room Dividers by Children's Factory
Children's Factory Baby Corral Room Dividers by Children's Factory

Play area with 8 ft. radius;Includes cantilever legs and gate latch attachments;Allows adult entry and exit;Meets ASTM standards and CPSIA requirements


Get something for yourself!

These barriers will keep your toddler safe and out of your hair! They're nontoxic and have no sharp edges. Your toddler won't be able to open them, but you will!

Toys for Preschoolers

With their high energy and longer attention span, preschoolers prefer more complicated and interactive activities. Because the upcoming school is a major life change that they should bo prepared for. something like the Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set from Amazon will give your preschooler a "leg-up" while occupying them for a few quieter hours!

Keep them busy

Great to introduce interactive play!
Great to introduce interactive play! | Source

Which is yours?

Which do you have?

See results

They're so cute!

Nothing like a boy and his dog!
Nothing like a boy and his dog! | Source

Quick comparsion

Child group
main charactisc
prefered activies
primarily oral, grab with hands
simple tasks and musical sounds
They will eat anything!!
Extreamly high energy, good cordination, ready to learn
Highly interactive, they like physical and mental challenge
They are usually loud and often take things apart
See the difference?


girls playing
girls playing | Source

Think child

When buying Christmas gifts for toddlers, it's important to think from the child's perspective and not your own. Usually when we see something we think they will just love, it's because we're imagining how it would work in our world. A child is more likely to consider color ease of use and familiarity.

Christmas gifts for children from

A final word of caution

It's important to know something about the child before buying a gift. If you're the mother that's easy, but the rest of us will need to do a little detective work. Talking with mom is your best choice.

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