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Ceiling Bowstrings

Updated on March 29, 2017

christmas bows

We start off with the purchase of christmas bowes, white thread. Push pins or a desk stapler,scissors.......

1. Remove the tape off the back of 2 bows

2. Place thread onto the back of a bow

3. Place the second bow to the first bow sticky side together press

4. Measure thread as long as you want your bow to hang from ceilings

5. Cut and hang

Make this even more fun by using tricolors together

These are fun for christmas parties, children parties

Great for over the bar area decor

Great in Windows

Hang unleveled to get a great look the more the merry(c)Sharon Smith 12/24/13

putting thread between two bows

tricolor hanging bows

party friendly over bar

Bows can be used for Children birthday parties year round, so get out after the christmas holiday and get all those 1/2 price dicounts on bags of bows at Walmart, Target, KMart, Micheal's, Hobby lobby...etc...


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