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CHRISTMAS: The Untold story Of Christmas And What It Brings To The Life Of Some People

Updated on December 19, 2013

Christmas as we all know is a time of joy, love, peace and happiness. Now when someone begins to talk about sad story on this special occasion , then people begin to raise eye brow, though most of these event may be co-incident but what ever it is, as long as it does not bring joy then its all termed to be a sad event in one's life.

Last Christmas to be precise Dec 25th i was woken up by a phone call after we all have shared the popular “merry Xmas! Merry Xmas!! Merry Xmas!!!” and retire to bed, the last thing on my mind was to answer a call talk less of answering and hearing a sad news. So when my phone rang i was reluctant of picking up the call but on a second thought I rushed to pick it thinking and hoping that it maybe someone who wants to wish me a merry Christmas, but i was thrown off balance when i heard a cry from the other end and all i could make out from the voice i heard was that her joy has been cut off, my little sister just lost her baby of about 8 weeks old. The whole of the day was really a sad day for every member of our family, instead of celebrating the festive season with joy and happiness we are all gathered in a mourning mood on a day that was meant for happiness. As if losing my little niece was not enough , i lost my grand mother on the following day being Dec 26th and that puts all the family members in disarray. So when we are through with all the funerals, i just thought that this was a very sad Xmas for me and the entire family and that such sad events wont happen again especially when it is a period of celebration.

Expecting My Bundle Of Joy For Christmas

After going through all the stress of funerals i travelled with my spouse just to cool off from all that has been happening, we came back on March and after sometime i noticed i was pregnant and my joy knew no bounds as we would be expecting and welcoming our third son into the world. The joy of bringing a new baby into the world helped to elevate my spirit from all that has happened the previous year . we went and did all the baby shopping needed in expectation of our new baby I even included some Christmas gift for a new born to present to my baby on Christmas day, little did i know that fate would struck again.

Finally on Dec 12th baby Michael arrived into the world and my joy knew no bounds as i hold him in my arms. I and the entire family quickly threw ourselves into a joyous mood for the arrival of our third son, as i hold him in my arms wishing him a merry Christmas in advance,little did we know that he would be leaving us so so soon.

The Sad Story Of My Christmas

On Dec 16th baby Michael was taken to the hospital for a routine check-up and the doctor said he has a little bit of fever that he is going to place him on a three days injections and treatment so that the fever would not increase more. So i obliged and ask that i breast feed him first before he will commence the treatment, so after feeding him I asked the nurse to take him to the nursery for the prescribe injections and other treatment, and that was the end of my little Angel, my love and my joy, baby micheal never survived the injection, he was given an over dose of the injection and that was the end of it all, I went home without micheal, I went home without my joy. On Dec 16th baby micheal passed on to eternal glory. This whole Christmas story now sounds like a sad story to me instead of the joyful event its suppose to be , because i felt that my joy has been taken away from me so soon, what do i look forward to in this period of celebration .

As i sat down in front of my laptop not knowing what to do and i began to write this sad story of mine not knowing how many people out there who has similar experience like mine or those going through pains as i am going through right now, tears began to roll down my cheek , the more i tried to control it the more the tears flow and i just let it flow.

My question now is why must sad things happen to people and why must it happen when ever other person is celebrating. I cannot bring myself together to celebrate this years Xmas, but am praying to God to give me the grace to bear the fortitude even as i wish my baby , baby Michael a final farewell till we meet to part no more, may the good lord grant your soul eternal rest, we all love you but God loves you most. Rest in the bosom of the lord my little angel as i, your dad, your brothers and the entire family are wishing you a merry Christmas knowing that the next Xmas you are going to send us your Christmas gift from above and that would be a very unique Christmas gift from an angel like you.

Final Note

This article is to share and to encourage all who are going through similar experience and having no one to talk to, just know that you are not alone in this race God is always there for you. And I believe that as long as there is life there is hope, all hope can never be lost, this is a time for hope for all those mourning, know you that we should morn like those who have God and not like pagans. In your blessed memory My little Angel! Farewell!!!


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