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Canadian Flag Reaches Fifty Years Anniversary

Updated on June 12, 2015

Canadian Flag, the Maple Leaf

This is one of many fine Canadian flags available.
This is one of many fine Canadian flags available. | Source

After Fifty Years It Is Still Flying High

The current flag of Canada was first officially flown, according to Wikipedia, on February 15, 1965. Before this current design, the Canadian flag varied over the years, and there were a number of designs that had flown over Canada. What is significant is that there is currently a standard, and the fiftieth anniversary of the historical first flying of the Maple Leaf would occur on February 15, 2015. This is a significant milestone, and the Canadian flag is currently so popular that upon reaching this anniversary it is highly unlikely the design will soon change.

3 by 5 - Feet Canadian Flag

The Official Design

The Canadian flag consists of three vertical panels, the outer two panels being red and the central panel white. The red panels are the same size as each other, and each is half the size of the white panel. The white panel is a square, so the flag is twice as wide as it is tall. The center is red maple leaf with eleven points, three each in the three branches and two at the sides if the base.

How Did I Become Aware of the Milestone?

The Royal Canadian Mint decided to honor the occasion with a twenty-five for twenty-five fine silver coin. This is the first time the mint has issues a twenty-five dollar coin to be sold at face value. It is also the first fine silver coin sold at face value that has been colorized. Since I write extensively on coins, I have signed up to be notified by several major mints when new coins come out. In addition to finding out when coins are released, I learn from the coin designs. Coins tell a story, and this one tells of the Canadian flag reaching fifty years of age.

Canadian Flag Flying

What Can You Do to Celebrate?

Well, one thing is to obtain one of the special coins as a keepsake. While that might instill some good feelings of pride, an even better way to celebrate is with a party. Canadian flag themed party supplies are not that difficult to find. Still another is to proudly fly a flag at your home or business.

I am not Canadian, but have traced multiple branches of my family through different parts of Canada, and back to France. I am proud of the heritage.

Canadian Flag Plate

Waving Flag Party Plates, 9", 10 Ct.
Waving Flag Party Plates, 9", 10 Ct.

Other party supplies are also available, so browse around once you enter Amazon.


Canadian Flag Products

Party supplies showing the red maple leaf design include paper plates. Flag picks for cake or cupcake toppers, and miniature flags for decorations.

Flags for flying come in various sizes and with mounting poles if designed.

Decorative Canadian flag items can be found on Zazzle. Please see the link provided below.

A Teaching Opportunity

Make Flag Day a teaching opportunity It is an excellent time for children to learn the history behind the flag, and how it came to be as it is now.

Be Respectful

When displaying a flag of any nation one should be respectful of what t means to the citizens of that nation. While a flag design on a cup is fine, I would recommend only having the design on tasteful items.

This is also something to be taught to children.


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    • Blackspaniel1 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      It is nice when these milestones are reached. More people participate in any celebration.

    • bdegiulio profile image

      Bill De Giulio 

      4 years ago from Massachusetts

      How interesting. I knew nothing of the history of the Canadian flag. I'll have to mark the date so we can celebrate with our Canadian neighbors.


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