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Candy Corn Flavored Soda: A Jones Holiday Treat

Updated on January 12, 2011

A while back, a close friend of mine introduced me to Jones Soda. A couple cans of Green Apple flavored soda later...I was hooked. Among my favorites are Crushed Melon and Green Apple. Recently, Jones released several special flavors for Halloween. One flavor that stood out in particular was Candy Corn. Jones has been known to make some interesting holiday flavors in the past, such as Turkey and Antacid flavored sodas. Having never had the opportunity to try any of these bizarre flavors, I set out to try the Halloween themed sodas. I bought a pack of Candy Corn, as well as a pack of Monster Mojito and Strawberry Slime. The Monster Mojito had a lemon-lime flavored taste, a bit on the fizzy side. A couple nights later, my dad and I tried the Candy Corn flavor. I never cared for candy corn as a child, but it has been so long that I have forgotten the taste and was willing to try it in soda form. It was very sweet, as I imagined it would be, and tasted surprisingly like maple syrup (although it went down much smoother). All in all, it was a rather enjoyable experience, but I think its better left to occasional consumption. I still haven't tried the Strawberry Slime flavor, and there are still several more Halloween flavors at the store that I haven''t gotten to yet, so I'll make that my mission for the rest of October.


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