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Carve a Turkey Like a Pro

Updated on December 1, 2014

Carving a Turkey

Carving the holiday turkey is the highlight of the evening. Will you be the person to carve the bird this time? Read this hub and you'll carve like a pro! A fresh carving idea, that works great, can make you the star of the show!

I saw this technique several years ago and I have not gone back to the traditional method of slicing pieces off. Every year I tell myself to share this technique and every year I forget! It's a little late for Thanksgiving, but there's still Hanukkah and Christmas to carve for.

Turkey Labels


Parts Are Not Parts

Just to make sure we are all on the same page when I explain the carving technique, please refer to the labeled turkey in the accompanying photo. The turkey is lying on it's back with the breastbone across the top. The wing is just below the breast and the leg lies to the lower left of the breast.

The Carve

The first thing you may notice about the turkey are the lines along the sides of the breast. These lines are from the turkey holder. I always cook my turkey "upside down". Cooking your turkey with the breast side down the juice is trapped in the breast instead of dripping into the pan. The turkey rack leaves the lines across the breast.

After the turkey is done roasting, place it on a carving platter. Have a sharp knife and a fork available. Next (refer to photos):

  1. Locate the breastbone that runs along the top of the breast.
  2. Just to the side of it (either side) begin cutting along the breastbone.
  3. As you slice along the top, parallel to the breastbone, gently pull the chunk of breast meat away from the skeleton.
  4. When you get to the end of your cut, go to the start again, and cut lower on the breast, drawing the knife forward, parallel with the breast bone again.
  5. Continue this until the breast is separated from the skeleton all the way down to the wing.
  6. At the wing cut the breast outward away from the body. This will severe the breast from the turkey.

Carving the Turkey

#1 | Source

The Breast

Now that the breast is separated from the turkey:

  1. Place it on a cutting board.
  2. Starting at one end, cut the breast into slices about 1" thick each the length of the breast.
  3. Serve with gravy or on a sandwich!

Turkey Carved Like a Pro


Wings & Legs

After the breast is separated and sliced the legs and wings can be removed easily now that the joints are exposed from removing the breast.

Place the tip of the knife in the wing joint and separate the wing bones and slice the skin to separate it. Do the same with the legs. If the turkey is cooked well, the legs and wings will nearly melt off when you separate them.

Using a fork, separate the dark leg meat and put it on the platter with the turkey breast or on a separate platter, that's up to how you like to serve it.

You've just carved up a holiday turkey like a pro!! Good job and Happy Holidays!

How Do You Like to Carve It?

Tell us which method YOU prefer?? Traditional or The New!

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