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Catalan traditions: St. George.

Updated on March 25, 2015

St. George, patron of Catalonia, Christian martyr, rich man and peasant family. He was born at the end of the third century in Cappadocia (Asia Minor).

He was a Roman military and had more than 10,000 soldiers under his charge. But the confrontation with the Emperor Diocletian, and the distribution of his goods to the poor, took him to imprisonment, martyrdom and subsequent beheading. St. George was beheaded in Palestine in the early fourth century.

The legend of St. George.

Legend has it that in a distant pagan city of Libya, was a dragon that people offered jewelry, lambs and even people to appease its anger. People were offered through a lottery.

One day it fell to the king's daughter be given to the dragon. The king offered his daughter in marriage to the man who saved her. It is then when the knight St. George faced the dragon with his sword and killed it.

From the blood of the dragon, a rose garden arose and St. George chose the red rose and gave it to his beloved.

It was then, when the city converted to Christianity.

The feast of Saint George in Catalonia.

The Catalans celebrate St George's Day, April 23, being the day of love. That day, the man gives a red rose to his beloved. The woman, give a book to her beloved.


- The George Cross is the distinction prized by Catalan and awarded by the Catalan Autonomous Government to people who have done something important for Spain.

- St. George is also Patron of the Crown of Aragon, Genoa, Georgia, Greece, England, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland and Serbia.


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