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Updated on September 25, 2015
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I am a photographer, published artist and writer. I am a makeup artist student, and studying herbs. I love to write and share my view points

The Warming Cauldron


It is close to Halloween and all through the air, witches chants can be heard everywhere. "Double, double toil and trouble, the fire burns and the Cauldron bubbles". You get these eerie chills but what does that mean? It means it is close to Halloween!!

On Halloween the two things most associated with the witch is the broom and the cauldron. Very seldom will you see a picture of a Halloween witch without seeing her with either a broom, a cauldron or a black cat. It appears that on Halloween everything is seen through different light and excitement. Actually, the cauldron is a very interesting piece of equipment. It has all kinds of stories attached to it, along with legends, myths and tales.


Cauldrons-Very powerful tools

Let me begin by saying, witches are not old hags with warts on their nose and bats in their hair. Actually, they are regular people who walk a different path and who are very connected to nature.

When you read most definitions of a cauldron it will relate to it as a cooking vessel; which is very true. They use to be used daily to prepare all of the meals either inside the hearth, or outside in a pit. In parts of Wiki's description of the cauldron they say: A more common association in the Western culture, the cauldron is used in witchcraft. It is a vessel that witches will prepare their potions in and also perform rituals in. Rituals are mainly done by burning certain herbs in the cauldron, followed by chanting different affirmations. An Irish folklore is: The cauldron is where leprechauns keep their gold and treasures.

In Celtic Mythology, the cauldron is associated with Cerridwen. She is a Crone Goddess and works with the cauldron as part of her magic. The cauldron not only symbolizes the goddess but the womb as well because it holds something. Since most cauldrons have three legs, the number three represents the triple goddess: maiden, mother and crone which are the difference stages that each and every woman goes through. In a man's life it is referred to as the Trinity.

The cauldron also represents the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Since the cauldron can holds content (let's say) water which is the source of life, it is also used for divination rites. When herbs are burned in the cauldron it represents fire, and as the smoke rises it represents air and the herbs that are burned represent earth.


The Halloween Cauldron

Decorating with a plastic Halloween cauldron is not only inexpensive but believe it or not, you can save it and use it again next Halloween. Cauldrons make the best Halloween props because you can do so many things with them:

1. If you put a glass container inside the plastic cauldron you can add dry ice for a smoke effect

2. You can add spider webbing over and around the cauldron and add plastic spiders for a spooky effect

3. If you dress up as a witch for Halloween and you can greet the trick or treats and pull treats out of your cauldron calling them by names such as "eye of newt bars" this makes your cauldron a true "Halloween Witches Cauldron"

4. Cauldrons make great Halloween outdoor decorations, which only takes using your imagination

5. Using your black plastic cauldron could even be used for candles (But BE Careful) I have put some sand in a plastic cauldron along with a fire proof container that also had sand in it. Push the candles into the fire proof container with sand, and light them. Be sure to place cauldrons in areas where they will not be knocked over.

Again, you can a lot of different things with very inexpensive things-your main tool is your creativity and imagination.

How to use dry ice


Other Folk-Lore Myths about the Cauldron

There are just certain things I believe you can never know too much information. And usually new information surfaces a lot if you watch for it. The Cauldron being one of those things. Here are some more interesting things I have found out about cauldrons.

1. The cauldron is also a symbol of abundance, warmth, nourishment, and transformation.

2. The cauldrons energy is derived from a mystical source.

3. Cauldrons are considered to be a feminine symbol

4. It is associated with the element of water

5. Symbolically, cauldrons offers us the opportunity to explore our inner self, the deep, dark well of our emotional nature.

The cauldron is a wonderful piece of equipment. My first one came from a flea market and was very old and used well before me.

Do you have a cauldron?

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Happy Halloween

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    • WhiteOak profile imageAUTHOR

      Eva Thomas 

      4 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks Robin, enjoyed you visiting

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 

      4 years ago from USA

      My Halloween cauldron has a jack-o-lantern face cut out of it. I enjoyed reading this Hub.


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