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Cebu Sinulog

Updated on January 16, 2013

Alright 2011 and Festivals around the world are getting hotter. Specially in the Philippines where all festivals and religious activities starts January 16 and celebrated in Cebu, Philippines the "Sinulog 2011". Tourist around the world gather in the City of Cebu just to experience the wonderful and colorful festival. Cebuanos welcomes all to the Grand Opening of the Cebu "Sinulog 2011".

Cebuanos worship the young Jesus Christ in the name of Sto. Niño, where it shows miraculous and unexplainable things, that lead to a very good harvest of crops and everything of the farmers so in this case they give thanks to baby JC for it. As start of that it goes through generation and generation. This how they came up with the SINULOG festival.


As you can see a woman who is dressed beautifully carries the STO. NIÑO and dances all the way. This is the parade where different groups offer a dance to STO. NIÑO.

They have this shout out and I would like to be part on it. "VIVA PIT SEÑIOR!"


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