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Choosing a Father's Day Gift

Updated on June 6, 2014

The Gift that Stayed on the Shelf

I have discovered over the course of many holidays and celebrations that the best Father's Day gift appear to satisfy both the gift giver and the receiver.

Maybe this is due to the fact that when we give something to someone, the process involves more than just presenting the chosen item to that particular someone.

Do we give to receive? Wholeheartedly or expecting an immediate return on investment? Or do we value more the things we make with our hands as a better gift than something ordered, bought on a flea market or found? Do we give out also the list of shops we planned to visit during the wee hours?

Over the course of this exchange, a short conversation, one is going to discover how he values himself and not just the gift.

So the answer, whether it is a 100-dollar hobbyist thing you would never have discovered on your own, or a 50-dollar Starbucks gift card he would never use for himself, is going to be followed by a qualified list of characteristics.

Sometimes I notice that the gift I prepared stayed on the shelves for a while. It happens, so why not plan ahead?

An Ordered Cake?

Arranging the short cake and making it look like it is made with love.
Arranging the short cake and making it look like it is made with love. | Source

That is Just the Gift

In getting and giving, the gift giving process does not end once the item is given. The thing will stay with dad, night and day, and hopefully accepted, setting the stages for the next day's memory, and the next day, and the next day.

Hopefully, something to be talked about, something safe to comment on by the one making the purchase.

I suspect that many of us repeats this same process this year, the next year, and the following years. With some variation at some point in time or the next. A certain part of me, however, often come up with an alternative scenario for when the Father's Day gift is not found. For there is no best Father's Day's gift, because if it is not the best choice, it is not a gift.

Perhaps a Business Gift

One of the things to consider also when choosing a father's day gift is whether the gift will be a business gift or a personal fit for dads.

This is particularly important if you have a small business, and would like to present something of business value to your parents. If so, then you can choose for something that is between $25 to $100, to begin with.

One of the easiest gift ideas for me, and I tend to go over the items again each year, is a gift card for dad's life style. He would be able to use the card for business outings or get together with colleagues at work.

The challenge is to fit the gift into his current passion, hobbies, and life style. So if you know where he likes to shop or dine out, selecting a gift card can be just the quick answer for this Father's Day.

Father's Day Gift Card Ideas for the Spenders

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The seasonal gift card makes for quite a choice for Father's Day gift.
The seasonal gift card makes for quite a choice for Father's Day gift.
The seasonal gift card makes for quite a choice for Father's Day gift. | Source

Weigh in on the Topic

How important is timeliness in choosing a Father's Day gift?

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Characteristics of a Father's Day Gift

As far as the gift giver is concerned, I am only giving a gift that has all of the following characteristics:

  • Timely in delivery
  • Lasts a limited time
  • A statement of some kind
  • Aesthetically fall into a category

Thinking about the gift is not giving the gift, researching the gift is not giving the gift, and reading information about the gift is not the gift, and meeting with the gift designers is not giving the gift, and not even planning and selecting a gift wrapper is giving the gift.

Gift Wrapping ideas

What Matters for Fathers

I know, I understand, I realize that not all gifts are created equal. Some gifts are better than others simply because they are made of better quality material, manufactured by a better manufacturer, came in a better color, more suitably priced, that I can't shift their positions from the list of items to research.

Unless I have some knowledge of the items, the gift doesn't seem to do much. And unless I have got something to show for it, whether they be a conceptual understanding of the thing, the item in the selection, then the gift is not even an item.

This attitude is probably not only apparent on Father's Day, but on other days when I am to shop as well. My thoughts are focused on connecting the dots prior to selecting the gift, that I can also imagine how the gift would be received.

Father's Days Nearby

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Reusable Gift Wrapper

Make gift wrapping possible
Make gift wrapping possible | Source

Make a Handy Note

Make a note of what things are possibly a good gift idea for the fathers. Maybe if he commented on something he liked, something he saw on the way to the club, or something he thought as necessary, something else.

Sometimes It's a Bet

There is always a fifty-fifty chance that the gift will leave a good impression, but that is not it. That is not why we shop for a Father's Day gift. None of the extra efforts in selecting for the perfect gift for dad will beat the purpose of the gift.

Especially, if you come from a family that makes it a habit for members of the family to give gifts to each other.

I toss coins and just go with whatever the best idea of the moment may be, sometimes. Either way, I would have to admit that the best way to choose a Father's Day gift is not to beat yourself up over the lack of research you did with the preparation.

Even if you are not a professional gift giver at the moment, you can always depend on your current research to make the best decisions for later, when Father's Day comes again and it is time for you to choose a gift again.


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