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Kids Party Ideas

Updated on June 16, 2013

Party Time

Party time and your kids want to have a party but you don't know what to do you want to change it up a bit not the same old boring stuff.Well there is so many things you can do even an all round party.Start by thinking of what kind of design or theme party you are going to have,.Grab a note book and start writing things down of what would be fun to do and what kind of food you would like.Know start writing a list out of food you need to purchase,decorations and making sure you have enough containers for every thing and don't forget the plates along with utensils.

Movie party:

You love movies so have a popcorn bar with m&m's nuts and mini marshmallows.People like there popcorn sweet or salty or may be with a bit of spice so have different flavored shakers to sprinkle on the popcorn.Need snacks you can do a snack bar with fruit and vegetable cups and portion containers with lids and fill with all kinds of candy.Party favors are fun to make so you could buy the popcorn containers and fill it with a popcorn bag and candy along with a soda bottle of drink and few glow sticks.Go out and buy movie tickets so when they arrive you can check them in along with a ticket invitation.

Movie Night Bingo Cards

How to do it:
I started with a simple 5” x 5” grid design, in Photoshop. (I later shrunk the entire design to 5” x 7”). From there, I selected my favorite elements and placed them in the each square. Don’t forget the FREE star in the middle.After the grid design was complete, I flattened the image and placed it on top of my favorite patterned paper, in a new canvas. I added the MOVIE title and embellishment across the top, as well as, the instructions at the bottom. I printed the cards two to a page.I made circles and added the same elements as on your bingo card for calling.Next,I created my Bingo markers by making these very simple circles.Have fun playing.

Glamour Party

What about a girls Glamour party with different stations.Station one facial have warm cloths to lay on there faces then massage lotion in.You really want to make it more you could put cucumbers on the eyes and a peel of face mask.Station 2 pedicure manicure what little girl don't like getting there nails done.Station 3 chose your outfit have dress up clothes or go to thrift stores and find things that would work.Station 4 hair style.You could have different bows and clips go to craft store and get flowers and hot glue them to clips you can get packet of clips for a few dollars.Adult can use straightening iron or a curling iron give that hair a change. Station 5 what girl don't like a little bit of sparkle you can go to the dollar store and get tiaras, bracelets,necklaces or feather bowers and sunglasses to finish of that fantastic look.You can have cookies in a shape of a nail polish bottle handbag or a mirror along with a fancy drink like fill a glass with cotton candy and then pour sparkling water over it.Kids look forward to taking home party favors you could fill a bag with nail polish nail file lip gloss cake pop or a ring pop.There is many things you could do just go with it and have fun set up stations on which your little girl would really enjoy.


What boy does not love Lego so why not make it a birthday party theme.You can have a big bucket of Lego and have them make race cars and then purchase a sheet of melamine which can be purchased at a hardware store use masking tape and make lanes and they can have car races.Get a jar and put Lego in it and have a sign up sheet and have the kids guess how many pieces are in the jar and have a prize for the one who guess correct. Party favors you could buy plain gift bags of a variety of colors and cut out circles and add them to the bag to make them look like Lego.Lego figures packets or at target they do small bags of Lego to make cars or plane and find some Lego candy may be mad lib's Lego books.

Carnival Party

Carnival time who does not like a good carnival with cotton candy and candied apples and games.Carnival is a fun party to do for any one.You can collect 6 cans rinsed out get some fun scrap book paper and cover the outside and stack them collect 3 balls i like to use baseball balls but you can find what works for you.Know knock them down.Pin the tail is an old one but fun you can make it pin the nose on the clown by using a large picture of a clown and red paper as a nose with tape on the back.Kids bow and arrow and make a target get water bottles and girls bracelets and you have ring toss.Face painting and out door game sets like horse shoe and a kids bowling set and you can have a lot of fun with a mystery box have them guess what they are feeling in the box.Buy a roll of tickets and when kids arrive give them tickets to play the games and have a sign saying how many tickets for each game along with a bag to put there prizes in. Buy assortment of toys,candy and stickers for prizes.Hot dogs and burgers are great carnival food with a candy corner.

Get 'yer tickets here! No backyard carnival would be complete without a ticket booth for all the attractions. Who knew that all it takes to spruce up a backyard carnival is a little creativity and a cardboard refrigerator box.
What you'll need

  • Cardboard Refrigerator Box (found at local appliance stores)
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Scissors or Knife (strong enough to cut through cardboard)
  • Paints
  • Rolls of Tickets (found at local party stores)

Helpful Tip:After the booth is built, guests can help man the booth.

How to make it

  1. Cut a door in the box's back and a ticket seller's window in the front, providing a dowel (set into holes in the box's sides) to hold the rolls of tickets.
  2. After priming and painting the booth, place the booth so that as guests arrive, a host could greet visitors from within, give them their tickets, and receive any birthday gifts.

Mad Scientist Party

A science themed birthday is a great party idea that is sure to entertain! Mad Science birthday party.Mad scientist parties are all the rage, and I can see why. It’s hard to keep the attention of a large group of 11 year old's. But throw in some some dry ice, slime and a few explosions and you have yourself a winner.You can get really creative with the food like,a dessert table with Jello brains using a mold was turned into a real lab with edible sweets like atom balls, lab rats, frogs, crystal rock and bacteria culture,with a a gummy worm in the middle or using fake insects,test tubes filled with mini m&m's.DNA pasta with different color peppers melon balls as little molecules.Use clear cups and us a permanent marker,mark measuring lines on the cup to make them look like scientist measuring cups.Decorate the table with glow sticks and call them radioactive rods.Make faux lava lamps,do the mentos and diet coke experiment,any simple experiment for entertaining fun.Party favors can be fun to do and you can get creative fill test tubes up with candy,scientist glasses from the dollar store you can get the grow and animal sponge packets as science experiment or if they are an older kid Jo-anns has small boxes of experiments like crystal growing.

I have added a cool potion recipe that i found and sounds so cool that i had to put it on here.

Mad Scientist Potion
By Our Best Bites

Large glass jars or beverage containers
Brightly colored drink of your choice
Dry Ice (1 pound per gallon of potion)
Heavy-duty gloves and/or an oven mitt and tongs

Prepare drinks if necessary in the beverage jars. Otherwise, pour the drinks into the jars.

Carefully break up the dry ice with a mallet or a hammer. Add one piece (about 4-6 inchessomewhere on the piece) per gallon at a time to the drink containers and replenish the dry ice as necessary. Serve immediately, ladling the juice into cups and leaving the dry ice in the large containers.

Note: The 1 pound per gallon rule will give you about an hour’s worth of potion. If you need 2 hours, you’ll need 2 pounds per gallon, and on and on. :)

Where to get your Mad Science Materials:

Teen Ideas

Have an teen who wants to have a party for there birthday but they are to old for kids birthday party's well why not have a mystery birthday.You can purchase the murder mystery game online or party stores have them to.These are so much fun as you play detective and find out who killed who - while trying not to get killed yourself!Then have all of the guests come dressed in the party theme.Food can be buffet style that way the guest can have time to talk and figure out clues and who did the murder.You should have a prize for who figures out the mystery.

Does your teen play on a high school sports team? Football, basketball or soccer? Doesn't matter which with this perfect birthday party theme. Great boys themed party and works well for highs school teams who are celebrating the end of the season.May be you have a teen that love movies well a Great film making theme, so get out your video camera and make sure you treat all of your guests like stars.

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