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Unique Adult Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes For Men & Women For Sale Online With Fast Delivery.

Updated on July 19, 2017

Halloween fancy dress costumes for adults, both men and women.

Even if it is a cold night, this sexy womans Halloween costume is bound to set temperatures , as well as heart beats, racing. Designed around the ultimate in mens fantasy figure, Princess Leia from Star Wars.

This cheap little number will ensure a night of bountiful booty in the form of tones of candy from many admirers.

The costume includes head piece, top, briefs, skirt, belt, choker, and a heap of seduction with a table-spoon of revealing charm. A Halloween costume for women which is bound to turn heads.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

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Sex on legs Halloween costume for adults

The sexiest pirate that ever got many men to walk the plank, just by asking them politely and wearing clothes like these. This scintilating fancy dress costume for Halloween ensures a fantastic night, even if its snowing or there is a thunderstorm approaching.

Literally designed to turn men into dribbling fools, this costume even includes the hat and frilly sleeves. Add to the whole illusion by adorning a set of handcuffs, a swag / booty bag, and a pen and paper to get all those new phone numbers of the friends that you will make.

Vampire Succumbus

The Winged Temptation.

The traditional vampire takes a sexy turn with this nocturnal temptress. This cheap Halloween costume for women provides an opportunity to create a new friend pool overnight, with plenty of chances to drain a mans blood.

Be the belle of any party with this alluring and sumptuous Halloween costume. It can also be used at any occasion throughout the year.. ( Boots not included )

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Vampiress of the Night

Larger Than Life Vampire Costumes

Designed for the larger or plus size women. Sizes vary on manufacturers guidelines and plus sizes may not necessarily mean extra large. Always read the full description and size.

This 3 piece adult Halloween fancy dress costume is ideal for a night of nocturnal activity. Collect as much candy as possible and hoard it like a squirrel, keeping it away from the children. Even includes the hat and cape, but not the boots.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.

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Classic Victorian Vampire

Beautiful, with the WOW! Factor.

This Victorian Vampiress Halloween Costume oozes class and sophistication. Designed not only to be alluring, but also be as seductive as possible without showing to much flesh.

Elegant and creepy, a little make up with a black nail polish and ruby red lips will finish the look which will be perfect for any Halloween party. Adding fishnets will set tempertures racing and heartbeats thumping faster than normal.

The Witch

Tradition at Halloween

No Halloween is a traditional Halloween without an adult witched costume within the area. Cast a spell over any person whilst wearing this Halloween costume for women, and all the candy in the world could be yours.

This two piece fancy dress costume includes the hat and dress with lace overlay. Boots and miniature broom are not included. Donning a pair of fish net tights or similar would complete the look and draw attention from admirers, even from outer space.

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Mens Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes

Head Cleaver

This is not a full Halloween costume for a man, but just the head cleaver item. The rest you have to make up yourself. Similar to the old style of a nail through the finger gag, this takes it one step further.

Zombies with cleavers through their head are a rare sight, as they should really be dead, as in the fac taht if you destroy the brain they die, again.

NB: A local council in England has produced a government backed leaflet telling inhabitants what they must do in case zombies begin to roam their streets.

The Vampire Collection


This is one of the better vampire Halloween costumes for men on the market, hence the price tag. Designed similar to goth style, this costume comprises of cape, scarf, collar, gloves, vest with attached sleeves and even a medallion with a ribbon.

For a more realistic and somewhat macabre atmosphere at a Halloween party, why not try real Human Bone Jewelry. This is pieces of 'bling'. such as necklaces and ear rings, made from the bones of dead people.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.

Trendy Vampire

Twilight Style

This Twilight style costume is not really a costume, it is just the jacket. The vampire coat comes with red lining and lapels with gold colored buttons. Is this enough to impress the woman of your choice and to entice her back to your coffin to see your bone collection ?

Classy for the younger vampire in all of us, this mens Halloween costume could be finished off with false fangs, a little make up, a Jedwood hairstyle, and contact lenses.

The Walking Dead have never looked so good. This brilliant cheap adults Halloween costume is a fantastic looker. Designed to resemble many mother-in-laws around the world, it will ensure a creepy night of fun ahead.

This fancy dress costume includes the skeletal gloves, mask, pants, and shirt. Add an odor to complete the transition into a Zombie and walk with a limp, maybe the occasional moan would also be good.

This is a unique Halloween costume for men, better than most vampires and is actually trendy.


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