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Cheap Christmas Gift for Grandma

Updated on March 16, 2011

Discount Christmas Gifts for Grandma

My grandmother had 21 grand children when I was growing up. My grand parents didn't celebrate Christmas with all of us as a family. I am not certain why? I do not remember buying a Christmas present for my Grandma ever. but now that I am almost a senior many of my friends and relatives have been grandmas for years. So I would say I have a bit of experience buying presents for seniors.

If you really cant think of a gift chocolate is usually an acceptable gift especially for ladies of any age. You can buy it for almost any price and its usually good. I order chocolate all the time online. In fact I am sneaky about it and when I see a sale and I know birthdays or occasions that I might have to come up with gifts for women. Chocolate like I said most of the time will satisfy the pickiest present reciever if you know what I mean!

Holiday Hugs

If you''re looking for a great inexpensive Christmas Gift  gift for any  family, this picture frame is perfect for Grandma. It''s simple to put together, affordable and a great cheap Christmas gift that all Grandmas will enjoy. All you need is a  3½ x 5 photo!.I know that your Grandma ma will love to have a picture of the grand kids for Christmas you just cant go wrong!

Gift Certificates

I have always enjoyed receiving gift certificates Some people say that they are not a thoughtful gift but in my book they are very thoughtful. In fact a few years back my family got together and gave me several Amazon gift certificates in which in turn I bought the surfboard on Amazon that I wanted. I was a $600.00 dollar surfboard and they had given me almost 500.00 of gift certificates.

This did not seem thoughtless at all Every time I surf on the surfboard people complement me on it and I tell them that my family pitched in and bought gift certificates for me. I am sure that they can tell by the look on my face that I am loving the surfboard and as far as thoughtfulness goes. My family gets a 10!


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