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Cheap Five Star Hotels In Alicante, Theme Parks, Attractions. What To Do in Alicante

Updated on December 14, 2015
Alicante Spain
Alicante Spain

Cheap Five Star Hotels In Alicante, Theme Parks, Attractions. What To Do in Alicante.

Alicante is the third biggest tourist magnet on the Southern coast of Spain. Millions of vacation packages are sold to British and American tourists every year wishing to sample the Spanish way of life with excellent weather conditions.

Cheap hotels in Alicante offer a fantastic holiday experience in a bustling city with a vibrant nightlife.

Alicante City

Alicante is similar to Benidorm and Malaga, in the way that the British have used these cities to holiday in for generations. This makes Alicante less of a Spanish resort but more of an English resort on the coast of Spain. The quaint and nostalgic Spanish way of life has nearly all but left Alicante in favour of the big spending English speaking tourists.

The city is slowly being re-modernised again after decades of high tourist numbers have taken their toll on the whole infrastructure. Roads are being widened, hotels are being refurbished, new shopping malls are popping up and more tourist attractions are being devised as Alicante competes with Benidorm for a larger slice of the tourist pie.

Spain is on the brink of losing millions of tourists as cheap flights allow people to travel virtually anywhere in the world for little more than the cost of a quick flight across the English channel. If you desire if to far away from the maddening crowds and sample a piece of the real Spain, then fly into Alicante, and ensure that your holiday home is situated well away from Alicante.

Alicante Nightlife

Alicante comes alive at night as throngs of music adoring people take to the streets for a carnival atmosphere of a party. All genres of music can be found in the thousands of clubs that open their doors early and close when the sun comes up. The average age of club goers in Alicante range from teeny boppers ( supposedly legal 18 year olds ) to people in their forties.

The lure of cheap alcohol brings billions of Euros to Spain's economy from fed up Britain's paying the overtaxed duty on alcohol products in England. City centre hotels are within walking distance to the numerous bars and clubs, as well as the beaches and shopping areas. The sales people will be outside the clubs promoting a free drink on entry, but sometimes the costs of the drinks whilst inside can be priced above average.

The clubs and bars patron spill out onto the street as the infectious party atmosphere spreads. Late evening markets turn into an impromptu dance floor as thousands of people from all walks of life congregate simply to have fun and dance the night away.

Alicante is an electrifying place to party and the nightlife is as sizzling as you want it to be. Be warned, most drugs are illegal in Spain, and you can be arrested and put into a Spanish prison for drug use, you do not want to go to Spanish prison, ever.

Theme Parks

Nearly all the major theme parks are about a 30 minute drive and are around Benidorm. The Terra Mitca Theme Park is well worth a visit as is the water park next door. Alicante can be kinned with Las Veags, an oasis surrounded by dessert. If you require major tourists attractions, then you need to drive out of the city.


The blue flag beaches in Alicante provide ample opportunity for relaxing, building monstrous sand castles and allowing the kids to run free. There are many different beaches to choose from and in peak seasons it is recommended that tourists find their spot on the beach early as they do attract thousands of people on a daily basis. The water is warm but not that clear, this could be due to the amount people in the water, but swim out about fifty meters and the water does become slightly more clear.

The beaches are bulldozed every day early in the morning, this helps to remove rubbish and hidden items which may injury. There are first aid centres dotted around which are usually inundated with people suffering from sunburn but will be able to help you in any circumstance. Please ensure that you keep a watch on all your credit cards, passports or valuables if you take them to the beach. There are teams of crooks waiting to lighten your load of money, keys or jewelry as you splash about in the water.

Cheap vacation packages for hotels which are close or situated on the beaches provide beach towels for their patrons but deposits are required. Daily trips can be organised through hotel receptions.

Water Sports

The obligatory water sports are in Alicante by the truckload. Jet ski hire is a little on the expensive side but is great fun. Jet skis can take up to two adults and a small child and is exhilarating for all of those who get involved with this fast sport. Water skiing is also available for enthusiasts along the whole of the Spanish coast.

Deep Sea Fishing is a law unto itself. Go it alone with a professional skipper or lower the cost and go with a group. All bait, tackle, and even food and drink is usually included for a good day battling with the monsters of the deep. The trips are out of this world and can be done on a daily, half day, late evening or nighttime rate.

Scuba diving is brilliant, but the waters around Alicante are not to good for this type of sport. Drive along the coast and find some lovely little towns where the water is clearer. The hotels recption will advise their patrons of offers and places to go for the best results.

Sunbathing is the most popular sport in Alicante. A relaxing daytime activity where partakers can plan their evenings entertainment whilst topping up their tan and hoping to avoid skin cancer. Alicante is a place of beaches and clubs, with not much else that catches the eye which could not be offered from most cities around the world.

NB. There are special areas for nudists who wish to strip off and scare the nation. Topless sunbathers are accepted on all beaches, but anymore taken off will result in a hefty fine, possible deportation, charges of indecency and at least a night in the cells.

Asia Gardens Hotel And Spa

The Asia Gardens Hotel And Spa is situated just outside of Alicante and is the best hotel in the area. Located near enough to both Alicante and Benidorm so a family can take a short drive to the attractions of Benidorm and to Alicante. Bruce Springsteen and Angus Young ( ACDC ) have stayed here amongst many other international stars.

Last minute vacation deals to this place are scarce. The hotel boasts daily beauty treatments including massages, gorgeous tropical gardens, beautiful swimming pool, tentative staff and a menu to delight even the Queen of England. This hotel is not cheap, but luxury never comes in cheap packages. Nearly everything about this hotel screams abundant luxury from the dining area to the toilets.

Hospes Amerigo Luxury Hotel Alicante

This five star luxury hotel is close to Alicante harbour for all you boat lovers. Also near to Santa Barbara Castle and the city centre for shopping fanatics. An indoor pools, fitness centre, ( gym ), and a restaurant sums up this hotel. Luxury is important here, although the facilities are limited, situated in the town a short walk away from the beach.

Please read the small print of any brochures that you receive. The Hospes Amerigo Hotel charges an additional Euro 25 for parking a car, there are no pets allowed, and the buffet style breakfast is approximately Eur 18 each per day. Most of these charges are not included in the price you pay for the holiday.


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