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Cheap Halloween Decorations and Decorating Ideas

Updated on July 22, 2013

How to decorate your house at halloween

Halloween is the time of the year where decorations of all shapes and sizes adorn our homes, gardens and neighbourhoods. Whether you are hosting a Halloween party, or just want to give your trick or treat visitors a night to remember, decorating your home need not be an expensive exercise.

Sure you can spend hundreds of dollars on spooky decorations. It is so easy to get carried away with your Halloween décor, however if you are looking to achieve the same effect without breaking the bank, here are some cheap, inexpensive ideas to try.

Turn your home into the haunted mansion you want it to be, impress the neighbours and be clever enough to be able to recycle your wears for years to come.

Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas
Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas

How Do You Decorate Your Home?

What is your favorite Halloween decoration?

See results

What is your Halloween preference?

What kind of Halloween look do you like to create?

Are you the type that prefers the collection of eerie displays such as skeletons, graveyard scenes, spider webs, witches and their cauldrons, black cats and anything that goes bump in the night?

Or are you more partial to a subdued design with classical decorations such as perfectly carved pumpkins and precisely manufactured lighting displays?

Just why is Halloween Called Halloween?
Just why is Halloween Called Halloween? | Source

Cheap Halloween Decorating Ideas

The following ideas are not necessarily new concepts, new designs or new ways to decorate, but if you do tend to get a little carried away and feel it's time to get back to basics these cheap decorating ideas will have you raring to go.

  • Branches: Cut some long twiggy branches from your trees, spray paint them black and have them poke out from obscure places like behind cushions, out of cupboards or drawers or just place them in vases. They could just look like a creepy arm.
  • Candles: No matter the size, color or shape, candles are the perfect Halloween decoration. They can be purchased in bulk online or at thrift shops and can be used to light up pumpkins, window ledges, pathways, lanterns and so much more. Just be careful of fire hazards.
  • Cover furniture: Use old white sheets and drape them over chairs and sofas to simulate an old haunted house.
  • Light Bulbs: Switch your regular light bulbs for colored versions to easily and cheaply create a new atmosphere.
  • Lunch Bags - Paper Bags: Turn a plain paper bag into a spooky face. Turn it so that the opening is at the top. Draw a design or cutting out eyes and a mouth, fill the base of the bag with something heavy like a can or some rice or even some small pebbles and place a small tea light candle inside. Line a pathway, your front fence or front door with these bags and once the sun goes down, light the candle your home will be transformed.
  • Powder: You can buy inexpensive talcum powder, or even use baby powder - scatter it all over your covered furniture. When your guest sit down they will be immersed in a dust cloud eerie enough to spook anyone.

  • Recycle Jars: (Baby Food Jars or any old glass jars) - Fill with tea candles, colored water, pebbles or marbles and make them look like scary witch's potions.

  • Silhouettes: Use black paper or card to cut out creepy silhouettes and shadows and place them in your windows, stick them to your door or hang them from your trees. - Shapes can be anything and everything from bats to ghosts and witches.

Halloween Cookie Cutters

If you love to whip up a batch of cookies, have you thought about using a halloween cookie cutter shape? There are so many designs to choose from these days, and they are so inexpensive, you could make a few batches in a variety of shapes. They would be perfect for snacks for visitors or even as your trick or treat gifts.

Tombstone, Coffin, Black Cat, Pumpkins, Bats and so many more ideas.

TIP: Use the same cookie cutters as a stencil to trace out shapes on paper or card and cut them out. Join shapes together to hang across doorways, in trees or as general decoration around your home.


  • Create a shiny web by spraying hairspray or glitter spray randomly over your web.

  • The more cotton balls you use, the larger the web you can create.

  • Keep away from naked flames as they can easily catch on fire.

Fake Spider Webs

Fake spider webs are almost a necessary accessory to any Halloween decoration. They easily add a creepy touch to any room and they generate an atmosphere perfect for any party.

Whilst you can always purchase packets of fake webs, you can also make them at home for almost next to nothing.

All you need are some cotton balls, a bit of time and some creative imagination.

  • Start with one or two cotton balls. Carefully pull them apart until you can see through them.
  • Keep gently manipulating them until they almost split in half. If need be, rotate the ball each time you separate a section until you can spread it no more.
  • If a section happens to come away, or break off, it can easily be re-attached by connecting the fibres together by rubbing the broken ends together.
  • Pull it into any shape you like and drape it over anything and everything - Picture Frames, Chair Corners, Door Knobs, Staircase Rails, Plants, Shrubs and Trees, Ceiling fans, and even across Mantels.

Adorn with some little tiny plastic spiders, or cut some out yourself from black paper or card and you are done.

Caution - Tape

You can buy this fright tape, or caution tape, for next to nothing, and use it almost everywhere. Tape it to the mail box, over your front windows and in front of the door in a criss cross pattern. It will transform your home into a deathly crime scene in minutes.

Wheelbarrow Of Bones

If you have a wheelbarrow, have you thought about placing it strategically in your garden. Half fill it with soil and poke some fake bones in it to make it look like you have dug up a skeleton.

You can make bones from plastic tubs or tubes, or cover old toilet rolls or paper towel rolls in white paper, or just opt for some store bought ones for next to nothing.

Wheelbarrow of Bones
Wheelbarrow of Bones

The options are almost endless to creating a Halloween home to spook even the veterans amongst us. Just remember that you do not need to spend a fortune to generate an atmosphere perfect for any party or trick or treat visitor.

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    • profile image

      Lyla Burns 

      6 years ago

      These are such awesome ideas! I helped my son throw a Halloween party last year. We ended up ordering personalized caution tape for our own personal touch to the party. It was so fun, hopefully we will throw one again this year! Thanks!

    • Mellonyy profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I think the most important of all is to know how to use our imagination, don't we? Voted and shared!


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