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Cheap and Easy Homemade Bacon Gifts

Updated on November 2, 2011
Bacon + Creativity + Nerve = Gift.  Creativity not pictured.  Nerve debatable.
Bacon + Creativity + Nerve = Gift. Creativity not pictured. Nerve debatable. | Source

The holiday season is almost upon us and yet the recession drags on. Despite financial constraints bacon remains an affordable luxury for most people. When combined with creativity and nerve the result can be a great gift. The links below will help as you begin a quest for unique, affordable, and easy gifts. Whatever you choose be sure to present it fabulously. Bacon jam in a vintage jar with a handmade tag is an unexpected delight. Bacon jam presented in an unlabelled disposable plastic container is a disturbing mystery.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

You can buy it or make it but it's sure to be remembered. Depending on the bacon used the flavor may be anywhere from rich and smoky to undetectable. Minimal amounts of cheap bacon will add a crunchy texture to your finished product but the uninformed taster won't be able to tell it's bacon. Good chocolate is a strong flavor in it's own right so don't be afraid to be generous with the bacon.

There are two schools of thought on how to cover the bacon, each with it's own merits. One sees chocolate as the bacon enhancer, essentially dipping a cooked piece of bacon in melted chocolate. For presentation it's hard to beat this approach. Illustrated directions can be found here on

Alternately, bacon could be considered a way to enhance chocolate. This type of confection uses cooked bacon in place of nuts, krispies, or marshmallows in a chocolate creation. The aptly named Candy Recipes blog offers a bacon and chocolate bark recipe that requires only two ingredients and ten minutes.

Bacon and Popcorn

The tub of popcorn is a December staple. If you've ever stared at the price and considered making your own then this could be your year. By creating a sufficiently unique product you shed the cheapskate image sometimes unfairly forced on do-it-yourself types. As long as you have unusual popcorn flavors and a pretty tub you'll come across as more thoughtful and creative than someone who bought a pre-made assortment. Check the dollar and thrift stores for affordable containers.

Serious Eats offers this recipe for chocolate chipotle bacon popcorn. It's even gluten-free. The setting time for the chocolate (20 minutes) is longer than the mixing time for the entire batch.

Bacon Salt is probably cheating in the quest for quick bacon treat but I've tried it on popcorn and it does taste like bacon. You can buy a bag of pop in the bag bacon flavored popcorn or you can buy a bottle of bacon salt and add the joy of bacon to anything that strikes your fancy. It's also worth noting that although Bacon Salt is kosher and contains no actual bacon the people who care about such things may not share your love of bacon.

Slashfood features a recipe for Bacon infused parmesan popcorn.

Felt Bacon

There's probably someone in your life who doesn't eat bacon. Whatever their reason that doesn't mean you can't subject them to a bacon themed gift like felt bacon. A single strip of felt would probably be disheartening but as part of a balanced fabric breakfast it's sure to be a hit. Felt food is often part of a child's play kitchen so for gift recipients in the preschool set you can even insist that your bacon contribution is developmentally appropriate and educational. For adults on the receiving end of your handcrafting consider adding a magnet to the back of your creations to add a bit of utility.

More Cheap and Easy Bacon Ideas

If you can think of it, someone has probably added bacon to it. Here are just a few more ideas to grow on. Please note that they aren't as cheap or easy as the ideas above and may require materials you don't have laying around the house.

Bacon Bath Salts

Bacon Sea Salt

Bacon Jam

Bacon Pillow

Candied Bacon

Too Much?

When spreading the joy via bacon please keep in mind that everyone has their limits. What one person finds humorous another may find to be a good bit too much. Imposing your love of cured pork on others isn't as generous as giving them something they'd truly enjoy. The bacon themed nativity scene may not go over as well as you hoped.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      Bacon and salt? Bacon and popcorn. Yes please!

    • chefmancave profile image

      Robert Loescher 5 years ago from Michigan

      Your Hubs are hilarious. I love your homey charm and dry wit. I ran across a cookbook called "The Saucy Pig" filled with recipes that contain two main ingredients - Bacon and Alcohol. Haven't read it yet but it's available on the Kindle.

    • profile image

      Chelsea 6 years ago

      Now I've got at least one person off my shopping list!