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Child Birthday Hats, Supplies, Ecards and other Child Birthday Ideas

Updated on July 6, 2009

Your Child's Birthday Ideas

Have you started planning for your child’s birthday party? Do you want to give your child the best birthday party possible? You just found the right article for you. You will read about birthday hats, birthday supplies, e-cards and other unique birthday ideas.

The two most important ingredients you will need to make your child’s birthday party a memorable occasion is creativity and organization. You will need lots of both to plan a bang-up party. You will first need to pick a date as close to your child’s birthday as possible unless it falls on the weekend. Week day parties are harder to plan for because of parents’ work schedules and the kids’ homework and other after-school activities.

Next you must decide whether to have the party before the actual birth date or afterwards. Whatever you decide, try to give yourself at least three weeks to plan and get everything together for the party. Work backwards from the party date and decide when you’ll have the invitations sent out, cake ordered and party food planned.

Invitations anyone?

Invitations are necessary to invite your child’s guests and to have an idea of how much food and other supplies you’ll need. You and your child will decide who to invite to your party. If he or she is inviting kids from a certain social group like a baseball team or dance class, emphasize that all of the kids in that group should be invited. We can all remember a party that we weren’t invited to attend and how that made us feel.

Send the invitations out about two weeks before the party. Earlier than that and they may forget. Later and they may not have time to rearrange their schedule. Be sure to include the date and time of the party and your telephone number.

Birthday Hats

You can get really creative with birthday hats. They can be funny and goofy or serious and regal—it all depends on the theme. Including birthday hats for everyone gives all the kids the chance to participate in the fun and games. Even the shy child is allowed to pretend to be someone else for awhile.
Party Food

Keep the food as simple as finger foods. Hot dogs are always a hit. Round them out with potato chips. The only reason to need utensils is for the cake and ice cream. Kool-aid (pre-sweetened) and water are the favored drinks.

Birthday Themes

Last but now least we need a theme for the party. If your child is old enough to know what theme he or she wants, ask. Your rough and tumble girl may not want a girly princess theme and your son who is a computer genius may not want a Monster Jam theme. Sit down on the computer and google party themes and let them choose.

The good thing about a theme party is all of your decorations, invitations, party plates, cups, and napkins, hats, and even cake decorations are included in one package. This saves the hassle of trying to find these things separately.

E-Cards for your Birthday

Send your birthday boy or girl an e-card if they have an email account. These colorful, animated cards are sure to bring a smile to his or her face. There are plenty of free e-cards on the Internet. Make sure you let them know that you will always remember the day they were born and that it will always be special to you.

What was the last theme for you childs Birthday Party?

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