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Chinese Art Painting on Easter Eggs

Updated on March 1, 2014

Chinese opera face painting

Chinese Opera are a spectacle of song and dance with colorful costumes, face painting, acrobats, jesters, storytellers, acting, poetry and martial arts. Face painting is one of the most fascinating arts in connection with Chinese opera as each painted face has a special meaning.

The hero type characters are normally painted in relatively simple and bright colors, whereas enemy, bandits, rebels have more complicated designs on their faces. Chinese opera face painting provides ideal patterns for decorating easter eggs.

The meaning of colours to help you distinguish the characters:

  • Red: courage, loyalty and straight forwardness
  • Black: impulsive, mighty, forthright, stern
  • White: wicked, treacherous, suspicious
  • Blue: cruelty, rebellious
  • Purple: solemn, sense of justice
  • Golden: the colour of god, mighty, solemn, fairy, immortal
  • White nose: joviality

Chinese landscape painting

Chinese painting in general is seen as an extension of calligraphy and uses the same brushstrokes. The colours are restrained and subtle, and the paintings are usually created in black ink, sometimes with a small amount of water colour.

Landscape painting is traditionally at the top of the hierarchy of Chinese art. It is very popular and is associated with refined scholarly taste. Landscape painting might also convey specific social, philosophical, or political convictions. It is often linked with the philosophy of Buddisism or Daoism, which emphasizes harmony with the nature.

Landscape painting on eggs requires special tools like brushes and black and/or colored ink, and traditional Chinese art representational skills including mastering lines, shape, and the application of colour. Unlike opera face painting, landscape painting is not suitable for amateur crafters who are lacking in conventional art skills.

Flower-and-bird painting

Flower-and-bird painting is another popular category of Chinese painting, which covers not only flowers and birds, as the name suggests, but also fish and insects. It can thus deal with a wide range of natural topics, including flowers (plants), fish, insects, birds, pets (dogs, cats, horses) etc. There are various painting techniques used in flower-and-bird painting, e.g. ink and wash painting, fine-brush (with meticulous details), freehand style, and fine-brush with freehand style. Fine-brush or fine-brush with freehand style are often seen on egg painting.

Chinese figure painting

Figure painting is the oldest element in traditional Chinese painting. Portrayal of beautiful girls are a big part of figure painting. Women's faces are usually depicted according to some type of beauty, and within a given period and school of individual style are more or less uniform, indistinguishable. Beauties in painting are often seen playing music instruments or dancing.

The best form of Chinese art for painting and decorating Easter eggs is opera face painting, due to its simple pattern and bright colours, minimal requirements on tools, materials and skills.


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    • Elise-Loyacano profile image


      6 years ago from San Juan, Puerto Rico

      Very beautiful photos.

    • lisa42 profile image


      6 years ago from Sacramento

      Very cool. Loved the photos!


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