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Chinese Lantern Festival in Auckland

Updated on July 4, 2009

Buddha Lantern

Buddha Lantern in Chinese Lantern Festival in Auckland
Buddha Lantern in Chinese Lantern Festival in Auckland

When it comes to festival in New Zealand, Auckland is the name to remember. The beauty of Auckland is that it is a multicultural society, celebrating the festivals of all communities. Auckland is a beautiful city having the colours of all communities, respecting and celebrating almost all the year, may it be Chinese lantern festival, diwali festival, film festival or buskers festival. Chinese Lantern festival is celebrated by Asia Nz Foundation in association with Auckland regional council

Warriors as Lanterns

Chinese Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is celebrated to mark the end of  celebration Chinese new year. It has been part of chinese culture since 206 BC.

Chinese believe that they can search celestial spirits with the help to these lanterns.

Animal as Lanterns

When it comes to celebration through colours and light. You can not forget Asian culture, be it from china or India and when it comes celebrating it with light and lanterns, the only name strikes you is China Lantern Festival.

Auckland celebrates this festival every year. This tells you about a lot about China and multi cultural Auckland. New Zealand being a home for different cultures celebrates and respects all the communities. These are the pictures of Chines Lantern Festival celebrated in the city of Auckland in 2009.

Chinese Lantern Festival is celebrated every year in summer in Auckland. As far as i know it is a festival of lights. All the pictures i have put are of lanterns, so you can imagine that how beautiful and inspiring lanterns be. This is very inspiring and telling you about that you can make lantern out of any thing. It can be animal, it can be tree, sky scrappers, kids, birds etc, etc,, no limit to imagination and lanterns.


Apart from the different shapes and sizes of lantern, Loin and Dragan dance are there to entertain you.

If you want to enjoy them you should try to visit on the first day at inaugration of the festival. It is celebrated for three days here in Auckland

The progress of China

Each and every image or sculpture is designed very beautifully and immaculately decorated. Some are so beautifully designed that they look like real. This festival act as a link between the Chinese people living in New Zealand and their families in China.

chinese food, chinese costume, chinese music, chinese art and chinese martial art are some important part of chinese lantern festival. The beauty of this festival is that all communities enjoy and participate in this.

How to reach

This festival also showcase the progress of China and also contribution what china and Chinese people have made to the world.

If you want to enjoy Chinese festival you will have to come to Auckland in summer as it is celebrated in summer. It is generally celebrated in the heart of Auckland city so it is very easy access to transport. Some time parking can be little bit difficult, so if you plan to take a public transport it would be very good.

It is celebrated on a weekend so every body can enjoy the festival with ease. If you are coming from overseas or you are not from Auckland you can easily find the information about this even on

From time to time Auckland regional council also gives information about this event, so if you are in New Zealand in summer you should not miss this festival. All the pictures i have taken are day time photographs but you can imagine that when sun goes down each and every lanterns says its own story.


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    • profile image

      eonuk 6 years ago

      Beautiful chinese lanterns, I wish they had a festival like this in my city.

    • Hilly Chism profile image

      Hilly Chism 8 years ago from Holland

      Fantastic lanterns, I especially like the animals.