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Celebrating Chinese New Year of the Rabbit in Houston, Texas U.S.A.

Updated on February 8, 2011

Possible White Chinese New Year of the Rabbit

The Chinese New Year of the Rabbit occurred on Thursday February 3, 2011. The National Weather Forecast stated Houston could have between 2 to 5 inches of snow on that day but it did not happen. However, it was still very cold on that day with the temperature dipping below freezing point in the early hours of the morning. Although there was no snow the following day Friday February 4 either, but there was much slippery ice on several freeways and tollways therefore they were closed for traffic because many automobile accidents had occurred.

The Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated for fifteen days. According to the weather forecasters there may still be snow within the week. The Chinese and Oriental communities in Houston may still have a White Chinese New Year of the Rabbit.

Sabbath Service was Well Attended

Many roads in Houston were closed on Friday so many Church members held evening family services at home. Some of the freeways and tollways were still closed to traffic on Saturday morning so our trip to church was slightly delayed. When we came to the church for the morning Sabbath Service we were pleased to see a very good attendance. The sermon was about "Christians are Citizens in Heaven". The Fellowship Meal had included Chinese New Year cakes. During the afternoon Bible Study participants shared testimonies on why they are thankful to God.

I am thankful to the One True God for His love,mercy and grace that saves us through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ who had placed me in a good church. I thank Him for giving me a good family, a warm home during this very cold winter. I am thankful to God for giving me good health, strength, ability and knowledge to complete our Kitchen Renovation Project in time for the Chinese New Year. Praise His Name, HalleluYah!

Blessed Day for Celebrating the Chinese New Year

Since the first day of the Chinese New Year was on a Thursday which is a normal working day in the United States most of the Chinese and Oriental people in Houston could only celebrate the festival during the weekend. Our family observed the Seventh Day Sabbath so we began the celebration on Sunday February 6, 2011 which turned out to be a sunny and warm day with the temperature of 68 degree F (20 degree C). It was truly a great blessing from God.

We celebrated at One of the Most Successful and Popular Chinese/Vietnamese Restaurants in Houston

We ordered the "Family Style" Dinner

Due to the present economic condition of the country most Oriental people had to cut down on eating out, but Chinese New Year celebration is something else.  Tan Tan is one of the few Chinese restaurants that our family go to frequently. We saw how this restaurant began in a very small space, and how it gradually grew and expanded. This restaurant's success and popularity is because of its consistently good food, good service and good prices. We ordered the "Family Style" Dinner to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Our family really enjoyed the meal, and we are thankful to have some leftovers to take home.  God is very good to us!

Our Family at Tan Tan Restaurant

We watched Superbowl together

Sunday February 6 was Superbowl day. We watched a very interesting football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers,  We rooted for the Packers and they won 31-25.  During the game we ate sushi, chicken wings and ice cream.  That was a great finish for our celebration of the 2011 Chinese New Year of the Rabbit.


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    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


      Nice hub although I have to admit I'm a Steelers fan from Central PA.

    • Dian'swords4u profile image

      Dian'swords4u 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I think that was really neat. I had never thought of blending Chinese New Year and Sunday services together. The year that I was born makes me a rabbit. Thanks so much for this interesting hub.