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Chocolate Makes A Wonderful Gift For All Occasions

Updated on June 19, 2011

Chocolate Makes A Wonderful Gift For All Occasions

If you run out of ideas of what to get as a gift for your friends and loved ones, think of chocolates. It is a universal gift that you just can't go wrong with and is a popular gift at all times.

What makes chocolate so wonderful and such a great gift for all occasions?

  1. First and foremost, most people love chocolate. It is something most people enjoyed eating, whether alone or with company. However, chocolate is something most people will not buy for themselves to eat.

  2. Chocolate is regularly eaten for pleasure. It has a fine velvety smooth creamy taste and texture. From the very first snap of the chocolate bar to the way it melts into a cream in your mouth and the waft of that bittersweet aroma of roasted cocoa beans into your nose, the consumption of the chocolate fills the senses and is a heady experience.

  3. Chocolate makes people happy. Research has shown that there is probably a very sound chemical reason for this. Chocolate is composed of more than 300 chemicals that have varied effects on our bodies through the nervous system. Chocolate is the source of endorphins which when released in the bloodstream, have a similar effect to amphetamine, causing one to have blissful feelings of euphoria and decreased stress. Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, called the “love drug”. It actually causes your pulse rate to quicken, resulting in a similar feeling of infatuation or falling in love.

  4. There are 3 main types of chocolate. There are dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Most of time, I would recommend dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is typically more expensive, not as sweet as milk chocolate, and is richest in flavonoids because of the way it is processed. Studies have shown that dark chocolate eaten in moderation may fight off heart attacks and reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

  5. Recently there is a new category of chocolate called “dark milk chocolate” which has been garnering increasing interest. This is milk chocolate with cocoa content of at least 45% and combines the intense chocolate flavor of high cocoa content of dark chocolate with the creamy feel normally associated with milk chocolates, thus enjoying the best of both worlds.

  6. Chocolate makes people smile. It is a perfect gift to give when you are making an apology or letting someone knows that you care. It is best given together with a greeting card and or with flowers.

  7. Chocolate makes a good Valentine's gift. In Japan, during Valentine's Day, the women are the ones who send chocolates, normally heart-shaped chocolates to their loved ones as a confession or expression of love. To reciprocate these gifts, the men will send soft, fuffy marshmallows on the 14th of the following month known as "White Day" to their respective loved ones. So in Japan, Valentine's Day gifts and chocolates are used interchangeably.

Last but not least, try this. On any day that you do receive chocolate as a gift, open it and share your gift with the people around you. You never know what they went through and who knows, your chocolate may brighten up their day.


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