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Chocolate Roses can Make Your Mother Smile

Updated on April 21, 2011

Chocolate Roses can Make Your Mother Smile

Though moms have a special day to honor them each year, sometimes a gift for no apparent reason can mean more than a card and a trinket on Mother’s Day. This gift does not really matter and can be very simple and even inexpensive. Any mother will appreciate the thought and kindness behind the gift. However, it’s no secret that most women have a weakness for chocolates and for roses. So a unique gift that combines these two items together is a box of chocolate roses. These come in many shapes, styles and sizes. So you can pick out something that would suit her best. The long stem chocolate roses are usually wrapped in foil to outline the rose shape beneath while protecting the chocolate. There are many different foil colors you can choose from the classic red, pink or yellow to more unusual colors like blue or purple.

Chocolate Roses

The roses themselves can be made of milk, dark or white chocolate. Sometimes candy manufacturers will even tint the white chocolate roses with a red or pink hue to make them look even more like real roses. Some chocolatiers will form a chocolate rose and then cover it in a thin layer of colored, edible fondant for a really finished look. If you can not find a box that you like, many confectionery stores will sell individual roses. You could pick out a few special roses and present them to your mom as a bouquet.

To make your bouquet or box of roses really special and meaningful, try pairing it with a heartfelt card or message. Or you could present her with the bouquet after taking her out to her favorite restaurant. For a large family, maybe each child could attach a note to an individual rose to represent their own thoughts and feelings. Any thoughtful gift from a child will make a mother truly happy by showing her how much she is loved and appreciated.

Mothers Day Gift Ideals


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