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Chocolate roses and other personalised chocolates make beautiful gift ideas

Updated on December 11, 2010
Personalised chocolates come in many shapes and sizes
Personalised chocolates come in many shapes and sizes | Source

Stuck for a meaningful gift idea? With Chocolates you can't go wrong!

On any occasion, chocolates are definitely among the most common gifts given. Aside from being easily accessible, chocolates are also nice and affordable gifts that everybody can appreciate. Chocolates are traditionally given as romantic gifts, birthday gifts, Valentines gifts, apology gifts or even a gift when there is no occasion to celebrate at all! This may be the very reason why a lot of gift ideas have come out from various candy stores and chocolate specialty stores.

Chocolate is not just about quantity - the quality and the presentation plays a huge role in lifting the spirit and giving that special some one a pleasant surprise. You can buy molded shapes in any form, for any occasion. 

Online stores are a great way to shop for personalised chocolates, not just because they are usually cheaper than buying from local businesses (the usual factor of cutting out unnecessary middle men), you are also more likely to find exactly what you are after - and find it still fresh, rather than two months old from the storeroom of a shop.

Here are a few personalised chocolate ideas that you might enjoy presenting to someone you want to surprise:

The classic heart box is usually given during Valentine’s Day, either to male or female recipients. These boxes are traditionally colored card and containing a selection of chocolates, but if you search around you can find a cool variation: The outer box made of chocolate, and containing more chocolates!

Cute chocolate baskets that contain cream-filled chocolates molded into different shapes and designs in order to fit a certain occasion such as Christmas, Valentines, Easter or others are always popular. Chocolate roses are a beautiful gift, especially for a romantic interest.

In giving chocolates as a gift, creativity is very important. So if you want to be more creative and give a more personal touch in your chocolate gift, you may try ordering personalised chocolates that allows you to customize the gift for your intended recipients. There are some online stores that offer these types of services like, which offers a “create your own” section. In this section, you will have the option to choose the type of chocolate gift idea you prefer, the packaging, and the type of chocolates that you like. You can also download a free label where you can put your picture or the picture of your intended recipient to make it more personalized.

Aside from this site, another site called Choconet also offers the same services. Choconet offers personalized chocolate bars. In this site you will have the opportunity to design your own chocolate wrapper and also have the option to have the chocolate bars molded in a shape that you desire. However, these bars are usually ordered in bulk so it is more suitable for businesses and large parties.


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