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Choosing an Inflatable Haunted House for Halloween

Updated on September 6, 2014

Spook Your Guests With One of These Inflatable Haunted Houses

Decorating the yard for Halloween is a lot of fun as you can usually use decorations on a grander scale than you would inside your home. If you light the area up, you can attract even more attention from trick or treaters. A Halloween inflatable haunted house is a great way to fill up space in the yard without having to get too many other decorations to create a nice and spooky display.

An inflatable Halloween house comes in one of two forms. You get the entrance archway that is not too expensive and can serve as an enticing doorway to your terrifying yard or home, or you can get a more expensive archway and tunnel that is great if you have quite a big yard. Kids will love this kind, as they can play inside it just like in a regular playhouse outside. You can find inflatable houses in a variety of forms and sizes but don't worry - when you're down with yours, you can deflate it, fold it up and put in storage until next time.

Get a Halloween Inflatable Archway

An inflatable archway will look great right in front in the yard, at the gate or framing the front door of your house. Most archways come with a few decorations attached but you can add to it by setting down other smaller inflatables like ghosts, tombstones, witches, etc in front of it. An archway is an inexpensive way to add scale to an entrance way.

10' Tall Airblown Archway for Young Kids

This tall entrance way features pumpkins and ghosts and makes a nice option if you have young kids that you don't want to scare too much.

The package comes with stakes and tethers so it stays put even in windy conditions.

The dimensions are: Height - 86.5", Length - 33", Width - 103"

8' Tall Reaper Cemetery Archway

The Grim Reaper is always popular so this archway with a torch on one side and the Reaper on the other side welcoming your guests to a cemetery is a good choice. The unit is well lit and it's a good height but tall people will have to bend to pass through.

Dimensions: Height - 96.06", Length - 44.88", Width - 84.64"

8.5 Foot Inflatable Haunted Castle Archway with Skeleton, Ghost & Skulls

A self-inflating fan makes it easy for you to set up and deflate this ghoulish archway. The Grim Reaper is on one side and a ghost and tombstone is on the other. It also lights up for extra impact at night.

Measurement: 83" in Length x 83" in width x 106" in height

Mortuary Haunted House Archway

A mortuary is the theme of this house. It comes with internal lights, a built in fan, stakes, tethers and a stand. It measures 9' tall and 10' wide.

A Full Scale House or Tunnel for Added Fun

If you have a large lawn or yard, why not go the whole hog and get an inflatable house or tunnel? You can add light and sound effects and decorations to the inside to create an entire show for your guests. Kids will love to play inside and you'll be the cool one on the street!

9' Tall Inflatable Halloween Haunted House with the Works

Not only do you get the whole 9 foot tall house in this package, but you also have a dead tree for the front, a light and sound show to add to the spooky effect, and a ghost rising up from behind a tombstone! This is the perfect complete yard decoration for those who really want to stand out among all the houses on the street.

There are plenty of light effects that come with the assorted spooks and a volume controlled frightening sound recording is hidden inside a pocket. It masks the sound of the fan motor when it's running.

It can be set up outdoors and well as indoors. For outdoor use, it is designed to withstand windy and rainy weather and it comes with stakes and tethers. It is very easy to set up - just plug it in, lay it out wherever you want it and watch it self-inflate.

The dimensions of this unit are 125.98 x 116.14 x 118.11 in inches.

Scroll down for a video of this cool haunted house.


10' tall and 9' wide Airblown Archway Haunted Tunnel

This very solid looking tunnel won't blow away anytime soon! It self inflates very quickly and packs up back into its box easily.

Measurements: 120 L x 83 W x 109 H

Gigantic 12' Tall Airblown House

This is the largest inflatable house in this collection of inflatable haunted house. It measures 12' Tall, 8 1/2' Wild and 10' Long. It's so large that is really is a castle and not a house!

It comes with everything needed to be set up indoors or outdoors and also lights up nicely for added impact.

How to Set Up an Inflatable House

These large inflatables are quite large and can be heavy so care should be taken when setting them up.

  1. Find a place in your yard or house that is free of low hanging lights, branches or anything that can puncture or tear through the plastic or fabric of the inflatable.
  2. Position the item correctly, making sure that it's facing the right way and spreading out the walls by unfolding or unrolling the unit. Organize all the parts like the arch and extra parts.
  3. Find the parts that attach to the blower and attach them to the nozzle, ensuring that there's no gap for air to escape. Close any zippers or air vents as well.
  4. Plug in the blower, turn it on and let the unit inflate fully. This can anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.
  5. Use the included stakes and tethers to secure the unit firmly. Use a hammer. You'll find them on the corners and/or sides of the unit.
  6. When you want to take down the unit, the blower off and unplug the nozzle. Open all air vents to speed up deflating the house.
  7. Remove the stakes and fold sides inwards towards the center while squeezing out the air as you go.

Take a look at the coolest haunted house inflatable

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