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Choosing the Best German Christmas Ornaments

Updated on December 13, 2014

German Christmas Ornaments

When purchasing a German style Christmas ornament, you most likely want something that will emanate a feeling of home and tradition. A mix of classic, old world charm, distressed or new ornaments or even that one unique splurge of a piece that can make a Christmas tree feel extra special. These thoughtful accessories can really make your Christmas tree and décor stand out from the rest of the common or even mundane decorations. Complimented by more German style accessories, if you choose the right tree decorations, guests will be transported to Old World Germany when visiting your home, making it feel more like a home worth visiting. By adding a sense of character and history, they can be a great conversation starter. People want to know where you purchased these unique ornaments and will often wonder is it an antique or a family heirloom?

There are many different ways of achieving the Old World German charm in your Christmas tree décor without trying too hard. Most of us don't have the time or money to travel to Germany's famous Christmas markets, where the choices are endless. If you ever get a chance, it's highly recommended you go check out these amazing markets. The craftsmanship is unparalleled and attention to detail unmatched. If a trip to Germany isn't in the cards for you anytime soon, some of the best deals and authentic items are found online through sites such Here you can find some of the most unique, sought after German Christmas décor for your tree trimming and your home, all just a click away. All of these products received four stars or more on average for their reviews by customers who purchased the products. Here is a sampling of the great options you can find for your home.

German Angels Around the World Hanging Ornament

This Germany Angels Around the World hanging ornament from Hallmark is a great example of the old traditional German style ornament. It's beautifully designed with hand painted detailing on delicate glass. The German Madchen is wearing a traditional dirndl complete with apron that has embellished designs in a traditional pattern. To complete her "Angel" look, she is topped off with wings and is holding a bird. Rated at four stars and on closeout for only $1.50, this is surely a limited item and going to go fast. It would be a great additional to any collection.

Hofbrauhaus Beer Mug Stein

Nothing represents Germany quite as well as a frosty beer mug. This Hofbrauhaus Beer Mug Stein is no exception. Also made out of glass and painted with the details of a frosty, overflowing beer, this ornament adds whimsy to your tree design. The Hofbrauhaus emblem is a well known feature for the mug and really is recognizable as a Germany staple. Just looking at the ornament hanging on your tree, you can imagine sitting on a bench at the original Hofbrauhaus in Munich, singing songs and enjoying a hot, summer day. Rated at five stars, this ornament would look great on any tree.

Pickle Christmas Tree Ornament

One traditional ornament that was originally rumoured to have come from Germany is the Pickle Christmas Tree Ornament. It has been said that you hide one of these easily missed pickle ornaments on the tree and whoever finds it is blessed with good luck. Many people give these out as stocking stuffers or as gifts during the holiday season. Or simply, if you like the look of them, you could hang multiple pickles on your tree or wreath. These hand blown glass ornaments would be great for this purpose. Beautifully delicate, they would look amazing on any tree. Reviewed by many and given an overall rating of over 4 stars, these ornaments are sure to please. In addition to the pickles, you receive a "Legend of the Pickle" card for each ornament, perfect for gift giving.

Scandinavian Straw Ornaments

If you are looking for something a little less breakable and wanted to make your tree look perhaps more rustic, one good option would be this Scandinavian Ornamental Straw Ornament Box Set. Sometimes having a little rustic texture can do wonders for a tree, especially when placed next to sparkling lights. This box set comes complete with 24 ornaments. Different designs are included such as a collections of angels, hearts, stars and snowflakes. The detailing in these ornaments is amazing. Cute figures made out of straw, all combined with the red string that brings it all together make these ornaments one of a kind. Surely no one else will have these on their Christmas tree. Rated at over four stars on most give the product praise. It is noted that the ornaments themselves can be a little small. Keep that in mind when planning out your tree design. They may be better suited perhaps on a smaller sized tree as one reviewer suggested. Or perhaps a wreath? The ornaments some in a decorative basket and with the purchase of the set, you get twenty four total ornaments, surely enough for any sized tree!

German Santa

Looking for that one special splurge of an ornament that you will be able to pass onto generations to come? Perhaps this German Santa Figurine is an option for your décor. In truly amazing detail and precision, the painting on this ornament are unparalleled. Nothing was left out of this magnificent Santa. In true German style, he is wearing a Bavarian style hat complete with a feather. For his accessories, Santa is holding a traditional metal beer stein and in the other hand, a cuckoo clock. To top it all off, he is smoking a pipe. Even with all of this traditional German fare, it still doesn't seem like too much. He has a vintage look to him and somehow with the quality of the details, it all comes together. Also enjoyable is the mural painted on his robe. It's a traditional looking Bavarian German setting with mountains, trees and a little house. Rated at five stars, this ornament has pleased everyone. Some even consider it a collectable. Truly a special piece and one to be admired for many years.

Choose a Special German Christmas Ornament

When looking for those special touches for your German Christmas Tree décor, can be a great place to start. These items are often not found in your local shop. You have access to truly unique items that no one on your block will have. If you read the reviews that come with these product examples, you can see the reasons why these products are loved so much. It helps you in finding exactly the look you are going for without any extra hassles. A couple of things to remember: read the detailed description so you know exactly what you are buying and read the reviews! Happy shopping!


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