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Picking the Perfect Present

Updated on January 31, 2014

The Perfect Gift


Perfect Gift

Coming up with perfect gift ideas for our friends or family takes some thought. If you observe the person you are buying a gift for .. you will find hints about colors and preferences he/she likes. But what do you buy for the person who has everything? Let's talk about how we can pick the perfect gift.

It can be difficult to know what to buy for some people. For those I don't know well, or those who seem to have everything they could ever want .. I usually search for unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. This process can weigh me down but when I find that perfect gift it is very rewarding.

I have found that shopping at little known and one-of-a-kind shops online gives me inspiration and lightens the load tremendously. Unique shops are filled with surprises and choices I would never think of on my own. It is really quite fun to discover new treasures online.

After my shopping is complete and the presents are wrapped with my favorite papers and pretty bows and ribbons I feel very content... happy and complete.

I really do love to give gifts and although the hunt can be laborious, it is definitely worth it all when I see the grins, the little twinkling eyes and hear words of appreciation. Yes, it is all worth the time and the frustration to bring a bit of joy to those I cherish and to give a gift that says, "I love you and you have a very special place in my heart."

Now let's move on to shopping specifically for a perfect gift for her and the perfect gift for him.

Overdosing on Cologne


I find men are fairly easy to shop for. Most men are easily pleased and easy to buy for. Knowing the man you are gifting is important. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you shop for him. What colors does he look best in. Is he into sports and if so what team is he a fan of. There are so many choices when it comes to sports memorabilia. Take a huge mug with his favorite teams emblem displayed; fill it with chocolate kisses and voila you have an inexpensive gift that's sure to make any man smile.

Once again buying gifts for the men in your family is easy. Our dad's and brothers are usually easy to please. For instance there's my Dad. His morning ritual, after a shower, is to slap tons of cologne over his face and chest. I tell ya, you can smell him coming, Phew! There's no mistaking his obsessive love affair with cologne. We’ve all tried to theorize why he does this. My sister thinks it makes him feel young and virile. I think his nostrils don’t work so well.

The easy part of picking out cologne for my Dad is that he enjoys a variety of scents. So, once a year I head for the men's counter and smell oodles of fragrances to decide which smell I'd like to overdose on when I visit Dad.

My brother likes black shirts. They can be dress or monogrammed sports shirts ... but black is always best for him. Cologne for a manly man will always make him smile. He wears too much but hey I don't live with him. When I am shopping for him if I come across a funny token connected to golf, I will pick it up in a snap knowing my brother will treasure it.

Slippers for Women

Gifts for Her

There are so many choices for women. The key is fitting to the woman. When looking for a gift for her pay attention to her needs, wants, favorite colors and style.

Some of the women in your life will be easy to buy for. We usually know our family members best. For instance slippers have always been THE perfect gift for my mother. I shop for new slippers every single year as a gift for either her birthday or Christmas.

Mom smiles with excitement when she picks up my package .. as though she had NO CLUE. She is always happy with my gift because I know what she needs and what she loves too. Mom wears slippers all day long so she needs them but also wants them to be sturdy and attractive too.

The same strategy you use for family can be applied to friends and co-workers. What are the color's she likes. If it is winter, does she have a scarf? If so what color is her coat. Pay attention to details and you will soon discover something she would love to have as a gift.


  • Don't randomly pick up anything without considering her likes and dislikes.
  • Don't buy cologne's or perfumes unless you know the brand she wears. Every woman has a different idea of what smells good to them. What you love she may despise.
  • Don't buy candy for someone who is trying to lose weight

Once again, the key to buying gifts for her is to know her and know what she loves.

Full Instructions on Link
Full Instructions on Link | Source

Unique Christmas Gifts

Christmas Lights, a whiff of fresh pine, captivating .... heart stirring music with whimsical memories of Christmas's gone by .... special gatherings with my family and friends .... a floral door wreath ... once-a-year delectable goodies that delight the senses and stir up more memories; these are a few of my favorite Christmas things.

Buying presents - not so much! As you shop look for unique Christmas gifts. There are plenty of options. For Christmas it is always a good thing to make something handmade. Try making recipe's in a jar. There are many sites online that will show you how to put most any mix in a Mason canning jar to make brownies, soup, cookies and more. Type in your search engine "gifts in a jar.," to get oodles of mixes to create and give as gifts. They are so cute and people love receiving a present made by hand. Use pinking sheers to cut Christmas material just the right size to go under the lid of the jar. Wrap a ribbon that matches the material around the top of the jar. .

There are so many handmade gifts you can make. How about a Christmas wreath. At your local craft store you can purchase a straw or wood wreath. Use your imagination to create a unique wreath that matches your recipients taste. You can make a full wreath using a hot glue gun and pine greens. Pick up items to fill out the wreath. Add any decorative touches, ribbon, Christmas balls, etc. to create a gorgeous Christmas decoration for a front door or over a fireplace. Your gift will forever be remembered as special because you took your time to create a unique and beautiful gift just for her/him.

For more Christmas gift ideas try searching on google; christmas crafts, homemade gifts, etc.

If you don't have the time but you do have the money, try buying a homemade gift item.

When buying something for someone's home do not buy items that are your taste and may be opposite hers. Notice her colors and the type of décor she has to make her home a unique reflection of all things she loves.

Start early and buy things out of season, they are much less expensive. I bought a whole slew of slipper socks at the end of winter which I plan to give the girls in my family. Who doesn't like or use slipper socks?

Whatever you do consider the person you are buying for. Some questions you need to ask yourself are: What age, what size, what color, what interests etc.

Homemade Gifts



Etsy is the place to shop - If you are stuck and have no idea of what to buy for someone, I suggest you try Etsy. This site is especially good for finding unique gifts that will will bring pleasure to your friend or family.

You will find treasures which feature a host of creative handmade gifts. The beautiful pictures on the site give you a depiction of each item. I like to go to etsy just to look around.

Each artisan will have feedback which you need to check out before purchasing. You can also connect with the seller through a special link. This gives you direct access to talk to the seller.


Christmas Music Gifts

Peace Of Earth
Peace Of Earth

Casting Crowns


Christmas Music

My Mom and Dad no longer walk upon this earth. The memories of Christmas's together remain very clear in my mind. I still see their faces and smiles and feel the love. We never lived close to my parents while they lived .. so Holidays were special times when we all gathered together to share laughter gifts, food and love.

Music was always a big part of our Christmas celebration. I grew up singing with the family. A few years back all of my grandma's grandchildren and great grandchildren gathered around her and sang to her. She was delighted.

I continue to love Christmastime but the meaning of Christmas has changed drastically from those early days. I have new Christmas Treasures now .. and they are wrapped up in an eternal gift that has more value than anything else here on this earth place.

I am displaying some of my favorite artists and Christmas songs. Christmas is about Christ's birth and God taking on the form of a man in order to redeem us. Oh how He loves you and me.

This music video is of the Christmas song, Mary Did you Know. As a mother this song touches me to the core. It is filled with questions for Mary. Mary did you know that your baby boy would someday walk on water ... Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would save our sons and daughters? This song goes on to ask Mary many questions about her baby boy Jesus. Mary did you know when you kiss your little Baby you kissed the face of God? Some day he be the savior of the world. Divinely and intimately performed by the Bill Gaither Trio. ENJOY!

The Perfect Gift

Gift Giving

What Kind of a Gift Giver are you?

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    • Mekenzie profile imageAUTHOR

      Susan Ream 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      awe Ghosty you came to my lonely hub. This was one of my first hubs and I loved writing it. Christmas time is one of my favorite seasons. My mom and dad are gone now .. in Heaven .. the stories of our Christmas together and my gifts are true. Oh, my Dad did love his cologne.

      I like your idea and I often do the same thing .. I see something that would be perfect for someone and it screams at me .. pick me up .. don't leave me here!

      Thanks for stopping for the read. Although it is neglected, so to speak, it is still one of my favorites .. filled with memories of days gone by.

      Love YOU Ghosty!

    • Ghost Whisper 77 profile image

      The IGNITER vs Corrupted Governments 

      8 years ago from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals

      I love to buy gifts for people throughout the year--and surpise them and mail them, so I don't feel obligated at Christmas any longer. Usually I will be in a store and say OOH!!!!So and so would love this! And so I buy it and send it! I think its fun to just see a gift screaming my friends name-than to wait until Christmas and feel strained and pressured---but that is because that's how I roll. lol

      Loved this hub and I was just cracking up at the "which smell I'd like to overdose on when I visit Dad."


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