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Spreading Joy With Christmas Carols

Updated on March 21, 2011

Christmas carols have a way of uplifting us all because we associate them with good times and we can't help but smile, even if it's just on the inside. Christmas carols are still popular all these years later just because they bring back good feelings and allow us to share the holiday joy with friends and family members, and maybe even complete strangers. Carols are fun, they are calming, and they make the perfect addition to any holiday gathering or celebration.

Christmas carols are more common at concerts, on the radio, and on CD's now as people's lives have become too busy to actually go caroling. Christmas carols are often a part of church services on Christmas Eve or leading up to Christmas, but there are other ways you can incorporate them into your life and the lives of other people.

Consider getting a group of people together to sing Christmas carols to sick children in the hospital, elderly people in nursing homes, or even in business offices. The idea of going out to spread Christmas cheer with Christmas carols is a bit old fashioned, but it's still a great way to reach out to your friends, family, and community during the holidays.

Going out to sing Christmas carols is a good experience for children. Many children are so focused on Santa and the gifts that will be coming that the true Christmas spirit has been lost upon them. Load them all up in the car and take them to a children's hospital to hand out small gifts and sing Christmas carols for a way to open their eyes to the way the holiday season should be. Christmas carols are a good way to plant a seed in children and people of all ages to reach out and help other people who may not be as lucky as we are.

If you aren't sure where you should go to sing Christmas carols, you can call homeowner associations to see if they think their residents would appreciate such a thing. You might also want to call area hospitals or nursing homes and see if they would allow you and your group to come in and uplift the spirits of patients with a few Christmas carols. You'll find a huge sense of satisfaction when you sing and you see people filled with delight and a new excitement for the holidays.

While singing Christmas carols door to door is old fashioned, it's still something that the recipients will appreciate and remember from year to year. If singing Christmas carols is something you'd like to do every year, you can make a list of people who would like you to come again next year, and you can be sure to come again.

Christmas carols can be enjoyed in concert, on CD's, and on the radio, but it's also fun to get out there and sing them for people who might need a little bit of joy brought into their life. You'll be amazed and uplifted yourself when you see how much people enjoy your carols.


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    • unBroken1 profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      Good hub! I love everything about Christmas.

      When I was younger I used to get together with friends and go caroling. I miss it.

      Now-a-days I'm usually either preforming in a show or accompanying someone during a concert. But none of that compares with really going out and caroling.

      Just watching the peoples faces light up is worth being out in the cold.

    • Simply Redd profile imageAUTHOR

      Simply Redd 

      8 years ago from Canada

      Thank you. I love the holiday season - it can't come soon enough! :)

    • sid_candid profile image


      8 years ago

      That is a festive hub. Well done! It feels Christmas is already here.


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