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Christmas - Make Decorations

Updated on February 28, 2012

Santa Claus Decoration

In this article I wanted to discuss a project I undertook recently for the management at my day job which involved creating Christmas decorations. I am well known to the supervisors as being an artist and have produced other decorations for funfair events in the past, this time they requested if I could draw them a outline of Santa Claus' face so they could use it for childrens activities at a Christmas party.

I decided to make this hub as a suggestion for Christmas games or Xmas crafts since everyone finds extra time to spend with the family of the festive period so why not spend some time doing something together.

Santa Clause

In the first image of this hub you can see one finished outline of Santa Clause which I drew and if you are no good at drawing yourself but you are making the Christmas Deco a family why not allocate different jobs to each person.

As I will proceed to explain, you will be building upon Santa's face with different layers of material, but you will first need to find some cool pictures of him and scale them up large, I suggest using Google images because they have an option to filter all small search returns.

You have your image, now you might want to gather some of the following materials:

  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Hb pencil, Sharpener, Rubber, Black Permanent Marker
  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • Some different Colored Felts (preferably reds & greens)
  • Maybe Colored Pastels ( Peach will stand out nice against the black marker)
  • Glue Stick

Christmas Decorations

Now that you have everything you need to complete your 3D Santa Claus, use the Christmas pictures that you found online to sketch his face in pencil first, remember that this will allow you to get a precise shape that you can go over with the black pen.

Once you feel the outline looks professional you can carefully begin to stick the cotton wool balls on to his beard, mustache and hat, using the red felt for the correct areas as well. Finish off by smudging the peach colored pastels in to create his pale complexion, you may also blend some red for his rosy cheeks!

Xmas Decorations

After you have your finished novelty Xmas decorations you can ask an adult to cut around the face with a scissors or craft knife or leave it to stand up on the cardboard itself, depending on where you want to display it, I find the fireplace is nice for a face!


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    • pink flavour profile image

      pink flavour 7 years ago

      Really nice ! It will go perfectly with a pretty carol , some cookies and milk!