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Christmas Activities for Kids

Updated on May 4, 2011

Christmas isn't just about giving and receiving presents; no it's about much more than the material gifts that are passed around. It's about spending time with family, bonding and becoming closer together, the uncharacteristic, intangible possession we all need. How you spend that time is up to you - some follow Christmas tradition, while some play it by year, doing something new and fun annually.

Christmas is especially important for families with kids. The innocence children have give them the opportunity to enjoy Christmas for what it really is (although they do love getting presents) and that should be cherished and nourished.

Christmas activities for kids is the best way to keep that innocence, that other side of Christmas, to keep it alive. Children's Christmas crafts, Christmas arts and crafts, Christmas projects for kids, Christmas games are all a cool way to celebrate the Christmas season.


Materials For Santa's Beard Card

  • Red Card
  • Large White artificial flower
  • 2 black brads
  • Pink chalk
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • White glitter
  • Scissors. 

Christmas crafts can be big or small.
Christmas crafts can be big or small. | Source

Children's Christmas Crafts

One of the best Christmas activities for kids is the making of Christmas crafts. What better way to celebrate the season with making ornaments, pictures, decorations that further share the feeling of Christmas? For activities to do at home there are few better.

One of the best activity, involving Christmas crafts, is making homemade Christmas cards. This is an especially good activity for kids, as it forces them to be creative, as well as work on their writing and other skills. The most infamous of these Christmas cards in the letter to Santa. Get your children to write a personalized letter to Santa telling him how good they've been and what they would like for Christmas.

Some other Christmas card ideas for kids are:

  • Santa's Beard Card Make a card that features Santa's face.
  • Christmas Tree Card
  • Christmas Candle Card
  • Wreath Christmas Card
  • Angel and Star Christmas Card

Materials for Homemade Christmas Snow Globe

  • Paint Pens
  • Small Jar (Jam Jar works best)
  • Miniature Figurine 
  • Water-proof glue
  • Silver glitter
  • Baby oil

More Children's Christmas Crafts

Besides making your own Christmas cards their are numerous other Christmas activities for kids that involve arts and crafts.

  • Print out Christmas drawings online for coloring.
  • Build a fake Christmas tree.
  • Make a wreath for the door.
  • Make homemade Christmas ornaments.
  • Make a personal snow globe.
  • Write a Christmas story.

Fun Christmas Activities For Kids

Christmas crafts are not the only Christmas activities for kid.  They are the best thing to do indoors on a really cold day; on any other day the outside, and all the snow, is the best place to participate in some fun Christmas activities. 

Here are the top five Christmas actives for kid outside:

Snow angels can be made by the entire family.
Snow angels can be made by the entire family. | Source

Snow Angels

It's simple - yet classic. Go outside after it has just snowed (preferably more than a couple feet) and lie down on a flat piece of ground. With your arms at your side, move them - without taking them off the snow - over top of your head. Do the same with your feet.

Do this three or four time; then carefully get up. Be careful not to step on where you were just laying down.

If done correctly you should have what looks like an image of an angel in the snow. A great activity for the family.

Snowman. | Source


The ultimate classic Christmas activity for kids. After it has freshly snowed go out side and find a good, untouched, patch of snow. Make a small snowball and then roll it through the snow; the snowball should grow inside as you roll it.

Make three large snowballs of different sizes (a base, a middle and a head). Give the top snowball, the head, facial features (preferably like Frosty the Snowman) like a carrot nose and marble eyes.

Building a snow fort can be a fun group activity.
Building a snow fort can be a fun group activity. | Source

Snow Fort

One of my personal favorite Christmas things to do is go outside and build the ultimate snow fort.  There are many different ways to build the ultimate snow forts and this makes it a great Christmas project for kids.  Give them a couple weeks as a deadline to build a complete snow fort. 

If they don't have any ideas suggest the following:

  1. Build a snow fort by making a large pile of snow.  Then, after it has all settled, start digging into the middle of it.   After you have completely dug it out (make sure the roof is thin in case of collapsing) you should have an igloo. 
  2. Build snowman like boulders and arrange them in a fort-like manner. 
For more fun Christmas activities try decorating the snow-forts with Christmas lights. 


This is one of the most obvious and one of the most fun Christmas activities for kids.  

Grab a sled, find a hill, and hold on.

Go to a Christmas Tree Farm

One of the best family activities to do during Christmas time is going to a Christmas tree farm. Most Christmas tree farms have sleigh rides, hot chocolate, fire and other Christmas events going on at the same time, making it a great experience.

Plus there's nothing like bickering and arguing between a family about what Christmas tree will be perfect for their home.



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      Christmas is for Kids!.. huhuhu


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