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Christmas Answers

Updated on February 3, 2015


Love: What is it? Why does it leave? Can you fix a broken marriage?

Well, love is different for everyone. Sometimes things change in and through time spent with each other. Things may be right and maybe one way, when love is young, but always be looking out, partner or not. Never let anyone, when innocent, stop you from protecting. Be alert always on the holidays.

What is love... love is what you feel when you take care of something. (You want too)

Why does it leave? Love is good. Wrong doings, crosses out good stuff to hopefully alert you of danger. Like pain.

Can you fix a broken marriage... not if it is truly broken.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Tips

Paper snowflakes, Christmas coloring book pictures (cut out), and homemade Christmas cards (lots).

Holiday Christmas ornament:

clear plastic (any shape) ornament. (can get at craft store)

Elmers glue


paint brush

decorating (paint, pens, glitter, etc.)

How to:

add water to a bowl and then the glue for a sticky but clear to paint as adhesive

add color or glitter (etc) to it

then coat the inside of your ornament

allow to dry


decorate the outside

and hang.



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