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Great Tips For Christmas Cake Decoration

Updated on March 21, 2011

When it comes to eating during Christmas time, there is no argument that sweets win over everyone. Cookies and cakes are among the favorites, which is why Christmas cake decoration is a popular subject during the holiday season. Christmas cake decoration can be done to any normal cake to make it look ready for the holiday. Professionals also use Christmas cake decoration during the holiday season for themed corporate party cakes as well as themed wedding cakes. If you need a few tips to help you get a cake looking holiday inspired, try these.

Christmas Cake Icing Colors

Most holiday inspired cakes should have bright white icing on them. Although it is tempting to use red or green icing, your cake will only look tacky if you try to add color in large amounts. When it comes to adding color, consider adding it in small spurts. You can add red or green accents to your cake around the edges. Other great colors for a holiday cake are gold, silver, and blue. Blue can be used in different shades for a "Winter Wonderland" themed cake.

Christmas Cake Sprinkles & Sugar

If you are not a professional, try beginning with a white cake. To add color, sprinkle red and green sugar sprinkles all over your cake. Use them in subtle ways so you don't overwhelm the cake itself. Another great tool to use for amateurs is colored sugar. Colored sugar can be tossed onto the cake in small amounts to make the cake sparkle. This is perfect for that "Winter Wonderland" cake. You can make the cake look almost like fresh fallen snow using sparkling sugar.

Christmas Cake Adornments

If you are trying for a sophisticated Christmas cake, then you may want to consider using small candy pieces for accents. These pieces usually come in silver as well as colored. They look a lot like small bullets, although they are shiny. They are also edible and will make your cake look very fancy. You can add these around the edges or all over the cake. Just press them into the cake using light pressure. They are especially great for themed wedding cakes.

Christmas Cake Toppers

Christmas cake decoration toppers are among some of the most fun available. You can really choose to top a cake with anything that is size appropriate and that will stand on the cake without toppling over. Great ideas are village pieces, small candy canes, miniature Santa figurines, and ceramic gifts. If you want to be especially outgoing, you can even try a topper that moves or lights up. These all can help you bring the holiday theme to a focal point, allowing people to know exactly what you were trying to accomplish with your design.

Christmas cake decoration can be a lot of fun. Just remember to have a great time when doing it. If you think about the purpose or the event you are making the cake for, then it should be easy to decide what type of cake decor would be most appropriate. If it is for a personal gathering, then you can relax your decor, while if your cake is for a wedding, your decor should be more formal.


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