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Christmas Celebrations in Sri Lanka

Updated on February 11, 2011
Christmas is a grand celebration in Sri Lanka
Christmas is a grand celebration in Sri Lanka

Celebrating Christmas With 7% Christians

Although only around 7% of Sri Lankans are Catholic or Christian Christmas is celebrated in grand manner in Sri Lanka, especially in the southern coastal cities. Sri Lanka is a country where all religions are tolerated and highly respected. During the Christmas time you will find many Buddhists visiting there Christian friends for Christmas parties etc. You will also find streets and stores decorated with various Christmas decorations, although they are Buddhists or Hindus. Almost every major hotel organizes a grand Christmas party and TV and Radio stations organizes parties throughout the month of December. The celebrations start on the 01st of December with the firecrackers going off in Churches and houses. Since you have new year coming just after Christmas you will find many houses undergoing renovations. With all the decorations and renovations when it nears the Christmas day you will find a very beautifully decorated cities, especially in the southern coast.

Beautiful Christmas Decorations at Amazon

Easy Instant Decoration Wall Sticker Decal - Santa and Reindeer Sleigh
Easy Instant Decoration Wall Sticker Decal - Santa and Reindeer Sleigh

Reusable wall sticker of rain deer, these kind of decorations are uncommon in Sri Lanka and gives you that unique look


Christmas and Tourism

During December it is winter in Europe and many European tourists visit Sri Lanka to get away from the cold conditions.Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Sri Lanka and travel agents and hotels are well aware of these influx of tourists. You will find many activities specially catered towards these tourists. Other than the Christmas parties and events related to that you will find shopping malls and high end stores displaying much sought after tourist items like traditional handicraft, gemstone jewelry etc. Especially gemstone jewelry make a great Christmas present and these are some of the hottest selling products during this season.

Preparing for Christmas

Christmas tree and a crib are considered must have's during the Christmas season in any Christian household. Although there are artificial Christmas trees available most Sri Lankans prefer to buy fresh Christmas trees for decorations, especially because of the sweet smell that comes from fresh Christmas trees. Trees are in high demand and could be quite expensive to buy and if you didn't hurry and buy them soon you might end up without a tree as well. Decorating the Christmas tree is something done by the whole family and a joyous occasion where the whole family get together.

The other important things is preparing the crib, straw if easily found in Sri Lanka and you will find many large beautifully made cribs throughout the country. Although not mentioned officially most companies try to outdo each other in building the best crib which leads to some of the most beautiful cribs you will see anywhere in the world.

The Christmas Day

Most Sri Lankans prefer to attend the midnight mass because that would save them most of the Christmas day to visit relatives etc. Christmas and the Sinahala Tamil New Year are among the few days where everyone in the family get together and have a good time. This is the perfect time to forget your differences and make up with your neighbors and lost friends as well.

What do you think about Christmas Celebrations in Sri Lanka ?

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      Thank you so much!! This helped a lot for my S.S. project on Sri Lanka.