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Top 3 Delicious Christmas Cookie Recipes mmmmn!

Updated on January 26, 2013

Cookies are an integral part of Christmas festivities. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavors. Here's an opportunity for you to try baking the top 3 Christmas cookies to display them on your dining table, hang on your Christmas tree, wrap up in pretty Christmas paper and give as gifts to your neighbors.

Christmas Cookie No.1 - Gingerbread men

Christmas baking would not be the same without a batch of these cute Gingerbread Men! They are a firm favorite in the home at holiday time. Fragrant ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves give a delicate aroma.

If you like yout Gingerbread men soft you should bake them for a little less time than the recipe says, because the longer you bake them the harder they become.

Christmas Cookie No.2 Christmas Sugar Cookies

Another American favorite the Christmas Sugar Cookies are usually baked only during the Christmas season, but now they are available all year round. Sweet and tender these cookies are delicious with a wonderfully crisp edge.

Christmas Cookie No.3 - Mexican Wedding Cakes

These scrumptious melt-in-your mouth shortbread-like cookies are very popular. Baked for weddings, christenings and festive occasions Mexican Wedding Cakes can be enjoyed at other times not just Christmas.

They are light, airy butterballs, with a slight crunch from the pecans or almonds. This amazing Christmas cookie is definitely one for yourChristmas table.

To bake these wonderful tasting cookies click here for the recipe.


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