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Christmas Country Decorations & Crafts

Updated on December 1, 2012

If you are from anywhere near the country, then you understand that country decor is much different from any other type of design. Christmas country decorations are among some of the most popular in the world. This is mostly due to their "down home" feel. Everyone thinks of home during the holidays, no matter where you are from, and Christmas country decorations bring you back to those memories each time you look at them.

Christmas Door Bells

One of the most popular Christmas country decorations is the Christmas door bell. A country Christmas door bell is not like the modern door bell of today. It is certainly not powered by electric. This fun item can easily be made yourself. To create this item, you need ribbon or twine and three to five medium sized bells. Braid your ribbon or twine in a simple braid, adding the bells throughout to secure them in the braid.

Cut off the end so it frays and connect a hanger (an S hook will do fine). Hang these either on the top of your door or create a looped hanger to hang them on your doorknob. They will provide you with an old fashioned ringing doorbell when anyone enters. These are fun to make and even give as gifts to family and friends.

Christmas Pot Snowmen

These lovely crafts can be found in country stores across the country during the holiday season. If you like to create, you can even do this craft yourself. What you will need to begin with is three orange flower pots. You should choose one larger pot, a medium sized pot, and a smaller pot. These will be the body of your snowman.

Turn the pots upside down and stack them according to size on the largest pot. Then hot glue the pots together. After this major step, it is really up to you on how to decorate your snowman. You can paint the snowman white; add eyes, a carrot nose, and a coal mouth if you like. A small scarf and a black hat will complete your craft.

Many people like to do these in themes. For instance, you can do a football fan snowman and present it to the biggest football fan you know. There are a million decoration options, so just be creative. You can also use this same type of craft to do a wooden soldier. Simply paint the top pot half blue for the hat and paint a face. Then paint the rest red and glue on gold cording to the sides and to the hat to make it look like a little solider. They are inexpensive to make and absolutely adorable when finished.

These crafts can be purchased instead of made if you would rather not get into crafts this year. You can find them at local craft shows, flea markets, and country stores. You can even do a search on line and find a vendor that carries these interesting Christmas country decorations.


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