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Christmas Crafts and Diys

Updated on December 6, 2015

The holiday spirit is finally here! I start celebrating in June, but finally everyone else has joined me. I don’t know about you, but I really like to set the mood. My entire room becomes a wonderland of lights and scents and just overall happiness. Sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle, because I don’t have a job. Most of the time I put together my own Christmas using things I can find for cheap or even outside. These are a few ideas that you can use to become just a little bit more festive.

  1. Tumblr Photo Wreath

Things you’ll need

  • Christmas Ribbon
  • Copper Christmas Lights
  • Cute, fun holiday pictures

First, get some string, jute twine or even copper christmas lights. Then, wrap them in circles a few times, make it messy and uneven because it’ll look so much better in the end. Take some picture, maybe from an holiday album, and pin, tape, or hot glue them to your circular shaped-rope. Now take your ribbon, make a bow, and pin it to the top of your photo wreath. Hang it on a wall in your room, over your bed would be really perfect, at least for me.

2. Decorative Tree-In-A-JarThings you’ll need

  • Branch/ Evergreen branches
  • Gold spray paint
  • Tiny ornaments
  • Mason Jars/ Vase

First you want to spray paint your Mason Jar in the gold color. Then, you want to stick your Evergreen into the mason jar. Add your tiny ornaments and maybe even some tinsel if you have some around. Finally, find a cute spot for your cute crafted Tree-In-A-Jar.

3. Pinecone Wall Decor

Things you’ll need

  • Pinecones
  • Brown string/rope
  • Scented oil
  • Thumbtacks

This small project is pretty simple. Dip your pinecone into the scented oils, preferably peppermint scented. Then, tie the strong around the tip of your pinecone. String them against a wall in your room and and let the festive feels sink in.

Which project was your favorite?

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