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Santa Needlepoint Cross Stitch Christmas Decorations & Ornaments

Updated on March 21, 2011

Santa needlepoint Christmas decorations can help you make your Christmas celebration have an old world or antique country Christmas feel that will have your family remembering Christmases past and feeling like they are celebrating Christmas in the nineteen twenties, thirties, or forties instead of in the twenty-first century. Threes definitely something special about that old world Christmas feel and the old style needlepoint decorations like the ones your grandmother used to make can help you capture that feeling in your Christmas celebration.

Santa needlepoint Christmas decorations can be purchased as completed items, ready to hang around your home or be used as Christmas tree ornaments, but most people find that it is much more fun to purchase needlepoint kits from their nearest craft store and make the decorations themselves.

These kits come with the patterns and materials you need and are often sold according to the various skill levels of a beginning, intermediate, or advanced needlepoint artist. These kits are inexpensive, easy to complete even for the beginner, and attractive for use as Christmas decorations.

The nice thing about Santa needlepoint Christmas decorations is the wide variety of styles that they are available in. There are decorations with Santas of varying ethnicity, making it possible for you to create a Santas of the world type effect in your Christmas decor. There are also kits available that depict Santa in various stages of his Christmas duties such as overseeing the construction of toys, loading his pack for his Christmas Eve trip around the world, preparing to drop down a chimney, and placing gifts beneath the Christmas tree.

Santa needlepoint Christmas decorations aren't the only type of Christmas decorations you can do in needlepoint to add that certain old world flair to your Christmas celebration. Needlepoint decorations are also available with religious themes, depicting various aspects of the Christmas story and the Nativity scene, as well as the classic and time honored image of the Madonna and Child.

Other needlepoint decorations with Christmas themes like elves, candy canes, toys, and the like are also available and all of these can add to your overall Christmas experience just as well as Santa needlepoint Christmas decorations can. Needlepoint is a craft that the whole family can enjoy doing together as well, so the creation of these decorations can be a great way for the family to spend time together in the days and weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday.

So, to help create a country Christmas feeling in your home this Christmas, you may want to give needlepoint a shot. If you've never done it before it can be easy to learn and several craft stores may offer lessons classes in needlepoint that you can take inexpensively that will help you learn how to create these lovely decorations. In addition to needlepoint work you may want to try cross-stitch as well because it is another style that can create some lovely effects and have the same results as your Santa needlepoint Christmas decorations.


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