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Christmas Decorations Outdoor

Updated on December 13, 2013

Outdoor Christmas decorations involve adorning the yard, the door and windows. Before you commence decorating the outdoors, choose a theme. It is important to remember that all themes should prominently feature white, red, and green colors. One of the most popular yard decoration Christmas themes is a snowman theme. You can scatter snowflakes all over the yard; fake snowflakes will also work.

Important elements of outdoor Christmas decorations

The most essential component of a yard during Christmas is a Christmas tree. It is the center of attraction. Therefore, it is vital to adorn it with varied lavish ornaments. You may opt for a normal sized Christmas tree, but a larger one will offer greater scope for decorations as well as extensive options.

Ensure that garlands run from the top to the bottom of the Christmas tree, particularly one that is golden colored. Do not forget to illuminate the Christmas tree; this will only enhance its beauty. In case you have more than one tree, then place one at the center and the other at the entrance to the yard.

People who have planned a party for children need to make sure that Santa Claus is present during the party. He is bound to delight the kids and will be the most fun-filled and exciting aspect of any Christmas party. He will be seen wishing everyone, doling out Christmas gifts to kids, and spreading joy all around, thereby making your party a hit with everyone.

Illumination of the yard

Lighting is one of the key elements of all Christmas decorations. You can enhance the festive mood by opting for a single-colored light, especially yellow lights. The gate and the entire yard fencing can be covered with lighting. You can use lights to illuminate varied decorative items and art pieces placed in the yard, including the Christmas tree.

The most popular lights for Christmas are LED lights. They come in varied shapes, lengths, and sizes. LED lights look mesmerizing in large lawns and on big trees. Sculpture lights can be used to illuminate empty spaces in the yard. Icicle lights offer a snowy-white effect to the yard as well as the entire house.Pearly bulbs are actually circular like pearls and add a glossy glow to the atmosphere. Heart-shaped bulbs are also still very popular.

It is important to ensure that the lights are of the best quality and pose the least risk to fire hazards. You can use LED lights to illuminate the complete lawn and give it fresh and festive look.

Adding art pieces to the yard

You can add varied decorative items such as candy canes, frosty the snowman, the red-nosed reindeer Rudolph, and lots more to adorn the lawn. These items are available in metal, wood, or thick card paper. It is important to arrange them in such a way that the entire yard is evenly used. It will make sure that any single space in the lawn does not get overcrowded.

Christmas wreaths can also be used to decorate the lawn. They can be used to embellish the external walls, door, and closed window panes. Medium to small-sized wreaths can also be placed across the entire fence, while a big Christmas wreath can adorn the main gate.

Christmas decorations for windows

In addition to using lights and wreaths, you can also use different ornaments to jazz up the windows. You can decorate the windows with snowflakes, decorative stockings, candy canes with jewels on them, and star lanterns. You may also place a cutout of a laughing Santa riding his sleigh or paint him on the glass windows.

Alternatively, you may place many wide candles on a beautiful tray containing berries and holy leaves and then keep it on the window sill. You may keep it inside the window and ensure that the curtains are far away from the candles.

In case the outside section of the window sill has sufficient space, then you can place a crib on it. You may create the manger where Jesus was born using miniature figures of Joseph, mother Mary, and baby Jesus; a small hut with straw roof; shepherds, rabbits, angels, goats, the three kings, and other types of livestock. Adorn the top of the crib with a shiny and bright star. After placing the crib on the window sill direct a spotlight towards it. The crib will be the highlight of your outdoor Christmas decorations.

Christmas decoration for the party tables in the yard

Ensure that the food served at the party has a Christmas touch. You can go for a snowman cake. The drinks and delicacies need to be properly arranged on the tables. You can decorate the borders of the tables with golden pompoms, snowflakes, stars, or candy canes. The table cloth should be white or red in color. Place beautiful candles in the center of the table.

The above are some of the ways in which you can decorate your outdoors during Christmas. Merry Christmas.


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