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Christmas Decorations: Spooky Edition

Updated on November 21, 2017

Christmas may be just around the corner and already the stores are filled with the traditionally festive and cheery decorations that we all come to expect this time of year, but some of us are finding ourselves clinging to the remnants of Halloween and sincerely missing the horror themed decor.

Even though it's Christmas and there's a certain expectation to meet the traditional criteria of what should be on show in your home over the coming months I still feel like your decorations should match with your personal tastes whether that be customary or now.

Though I must admit, since Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, I feel like it has become more socially acceptable to find a way to combine the two holidays in a way that suits those with darker inclinations but still get into the true spirit of Christmas.


When we think of Christmas the key piece of decor that springs to mind is more often than not; the Christmas tree. The tree is the centerpiece of most households at this time of year as it shields the gifts below and radiates Christmas charm. It is also very often the root cause of many Christmas tiffs as there's always one Grinch in the family who thinks there's such a thing as there being a time too early to be putting the tree up...

Traditionally Christmas trees are green, because, you know, trees are green. But with synthetic trees there are plenty of colour options to suit your yearly theme and what's more spooky than a pitch black Christmas tree?


Of course a Christmas tree, isn't a Christmas tree without decorations, and these glass baubles with hand painted bats from etsy would make a stunning addition to any spooky Christmas tree.

Alternatively, if you are feeling creative you can buy your own clear class baubles and paint them yourself or fill them with blood (A.K.A. red food dye) or black tinsel and glitter.


For those who are fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas, these stunning themed baubles by Disney are perfect. They are also very affordable and because they are plastic you won't have to worry about them falling off the tree and breaking is you have curious pets.


The internet has been blowing up over the release of Oreo's new black and white candy canes, that are of course the same flavour as their original biscuits. Unfortunately I cannot find these available in the UK as of yet but the black and white pinstripes are very Tim Burton-esque and would look amazing on the tree and I'm sure they would taste amazing too.


Though most tinsels are the usual Christmassy colours there are loads of darker themse tinsels available online and this black and snow tipped effect one from Amazon is perfect for giving a little extra depth to what is by now if you're following this guide, a mostly black tree. They are also perfect for wrapping around stair banisters, frames and anywhere else you can fit them.


I love these super adorable ghost lights from and think they would make such a creepy cute accompaniment to the rest of the decorations above. Plus as an added bonus, if visitors question why you have ghosts as Christmas decoration you can justify it by saying they're melting snowmen.


Tying in with the Disney Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas tree baubles, this wreath acts as a perfect welcome for guests and still allows you to express your darker taste.


I asked above what't more festive than a spooky pitch black Christmas tree and I think I've found it in this utterly festive Santa hat wearing skull. Although this piece is more of a quirky and humorous ornament, there are many more intricate and beautifully crafted items available if you have the time to search for them and if not it's always fun to make your own decorations or customise existing ones to suit you.

I hope that this article has helped to spark some inspiration or given you some idea of how you can decorate your home for Christmas in a way that is more fitting for your personal taste. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what you have planned for this years decorations in your home which you can write in the comments section below.

Is there such a thing as ''too early'' when it comes to putting up the Christmas tree?

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What's your favourite part of Christmas?

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