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Christmas Dog Collars

Updated on April 26, 2014

Let Your Dog Dress for Christmas

Do you want your dog to be able to join in the Christmas festivities this year? If so, then he or she should probably have some cute accessory to wear during the holidays. A Christmas dog collar is always a great option to choose, because these collars are cute and festive and they are designed for both small and large dogs alike. Not to mention, when the holidays are over, you can save the collars and then bring them out again for the next Christmas season. If you are trying to find the best Christmas dog collar, there are a few different options to consider. Here are some of the best collars on the market for this holiday season:

Premier Jingle Bell Collar

Whether you have a small, medium, or large dog, the Premier Jingle Bell Collar may be the cutest Christmas dog collar on the market. For approximately $8.00, you can purchase this collar in either red or green, and you can know that you are getting an excellent investment, because the collar has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on

The main reason why many dog owners love this collar is largely because of the bells that adorn the outside of it. Your dog will jingle wherever he or she goes in your home or outside, so they will literally help ring in the spirit of Christmas.

You can put this collar on your dog without having to worry about weighing him or her down, because the bells are designed to be sturdy and not fall off, but they are lightweight enough that they can be worn with comfort by dogs of any size. In years past, this has been one of the most popular Christmas dog collars on the market, and it continues to be exceedingly popular this year as well.

Adjustable Red Snowflake Dog Collar

If you don’t want a noisy Christmas dog collar but you still want something that is festive and helps you to bring in the spirit of Christmas with the furry members of your family, then you should definitely consider investing in the Adjustable Red Snowflake Dog Collar. This collar has received a whopping 5 out of 5 star rating on, which means that it is thoroughly enjoyed by most buyers. Not to mention, you can also purchase it for approximately $15, although the prices vary depending on which size you choose.

The core of this collar is made out of nylon, so it will be durable enough to handle whatever your dog may put it through, yet it is comfortable enough for your dog to wear it for several months without any sort of a problem. The outside of the collar is made out of cotton fabric, which is where the snowflake design comes from.

If this collar gets dirty, all you have to do to clean it is throw it into the washing machine, because it is designed to go through the wash and come out looking spotless, should anything get on it.

Nylon Ribbon Collar

Perhaps you are trying to find the cutest Christmas dog collar on the market. If this is the case, one great option to consider is the Nylon Ribbon Collar. It has not received a rating yet, but you can rest assured that you will be getting a high-quality investment if you purchase this collar for the holiday season. It is available in a range of sizes from extra small to large, so dogs of virtually any size should be able to wear this collar. The collar will also cost you no more than $12 no matter what size you choose.

One of the main reasons why people like this collar so much is because of the color scheme and the design of it. With a green, red, and white exterior, these are the classic Christmas colors that will make your dog look ultra-festive this holiday season. The designs are extra-cute too, as they feature an ornament, a Santa hat, a Christmas tree, and a candy cane alternating all around the collar.

This collar is constructed of nylon, so no matter how long you decide to keep it on your dog, he or she will never be uncomfortable, but will be able to sport the collar with pride for many years.

Mirage Pet Products Collar

The Mirage Pet Products Collar may be one of the best Christmas dog collar options on the market for small, medium, or large dogs alike. No matter which size you choose, you will never spend more than $14 for this collar. Although it has never been rated, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality investment that you can keep using for several years to come.

This collar is designed in red and green, which are standard Christmas colors, so it is fairly festive already. There is an even cuter touch added to it, though, because there are black dog bones going all around the collar. The collar is constructed out of leather, which means that it is durable and bit to last for many years of use.

Choosing Your Dog's Collar

Are you looking for the best Christmas dog collar choices on the market this holiday season? If so, then it appears that these are four of the best models that you should choose. They are all strong and durable, so they will give you several years of use. Not to mention, they are all relatively festive and cute, and they can fit most small, medium, or large-sized dogs. This year, ring in the true spirit of Christmas by getting a festive collar for your four-legged friend. Choose from one of these models and celebrate in style this year and for many years to come.


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