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Christmas Door Decoration Ideas

Updated on March 21, 2011

Christmas door decoration is an area of holiday decor with many different options. There are many things you can use in Christmas door decoration. Take a look at the list of things here that you could use on your door this holiday season and get an idea of what you may want to do for your door decor.

Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths are one of the most popular items to use on a door during the Christmas holiday. Wreaths are so easy to decorate with because all you must do is hang them. You can buy holiday wreaths that are made of live branches or wreaths that are made of faux garland. Wreaths last a long time and can be used year after year for a beautiful holiday look. The great thing about wreaths is that you can find them everywhere during the Christmas holiday and they are not very expensive. You can even make them yourself if you are feeling crafty. Overall, they are one of the easiest options for Christmas door decoration.

Christmas Wrapping

Some people love the look of a wrapped door during the holiday season. Wrapping your door with door wrapping paper is a great way to spice up your holiday decor. A lot of door wraps today are metallic and look lovely in day and night. They reflect the outdoor Christmas lights wonderfully and provide a really well put together look. You can find door wrap at many general merchandise stores. It is usually put with the normal wrapping paper. Be sure to read the label, because door wrap is typically wider and longer than wrapping paper, which will not usually fit on your door.

Christmas Bells

If you have a love for bells during the holiday season, then you may want to consider using them in your Christmas door decor. To get a jingly look, simply take a grouping of holiday bells and hang them on a metallic wreath hanger. This will give them an extra special look for the holiday season. Every time you open your door, the lovely sound of bells will follow. This is not only a lovely sight but the music from the bells is certain to get you into the holiday spirit.

Christmas Stockings

Another simple item that can really dress up a holiday door is a holiday stocking. You can purchase large or medium sized stockings at your local general merchandise store and simply hang in on your door with a nail or a wreath hanger. This simple decoration can completely transform a normal door into a holiday door within seconds. It is inexpensive and classic, which makes it a winner in the decor book.

Whether you are looking for a bold look or just a simple decoration for your door, you are sure to find the right Christmas door decoration idea using these tips. Remember, you don't have to spend a lot to get a great looking decoration. Sometimes, the simpler something is, the more profound the effect of it.


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