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Cheap Christmas Gifts

Updated on February 27, 2013

Christmas Gift Infused Oil & Vinegar

Cheap Christmas Gifts Infused Oil & Vinegar

Christmas Gifts, Beautiful, Fun and Inexpensive!

Infused Oils and Vinegars

It has been hard times in today’s economy and here are some ideas that make great gifts for Christmas. How to decide what to get someone is always the hard part, so try and give gifts that you know they can use and something they won’t tuck away in their closet.

Everyone has to Eat! Cooking and baking opens up a door for a huge list of gifts.


Infused Oils with Herbs: Something you can do yourself, package, and give for an inexpensive gift.

How to: Purchase the best olive oil and herbs you can find. Reusing wine and water bottles can be fun, clear being the best so they can see the herbs through the oil. Stay away from the plastic convenience food bottles with the PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Glass is always the best to use. I love the Norway water bottle by VOSS it makes it easy to fill and it’s very pretty.

Wash and Dry Herbs: Make sure if you are using chili peppers, herbs, or lemon slices are washed thoroughly and dried.

Bruise herbs: Take the time to invest in a mortar and pestle it is something that comes in handy with your cooking as well, and they aren’t terribly expensive. Put your herbs in the mortar base and press the pestle into them, bruising the herbs.

After bruising; put into the oil and cover, letting it set for a week or so, a mason jar does fine for this stage. After infused (taste to be sure) HEAT the oil. Its much safer to do this extra step and make sure the bacteria is killed. About 180 degrees does fine for this process.

If you use infused oil or give as a gift, put a tag on the bottom stating to keep it refrigerated. That way there will be no chance for garlic or herbs to break down, and create botulism. Place some fresh herbs in the bottle, lemon slices that have been salted, garlic, and even chili peppers can be an artistic way to present your gifts.

Labeling Your Gift:

If you have a computer program to make stickers, that’s fun too, print out your name, use your favorite graphic and put the tag on the bottle such as (A Gift from Alice to Jenny) or something personal you know they will enjoy. Of course a recipe card on how you made the infused oil and the bottle allows them to reuse it for a very long time.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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