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Christmas Gifts For Kids 2012

Updated on October 10, 2012

What Every Kid Wants For Christmas This Year

Christmas is that time of the year when you wish you could make everybody happy - especially the kids. But like everything else in life – kids come in all sizes and types. Some children would like to get the most popular gadgets or games while other younger kids may have their eyes set on soft toys.

Despite many families feeling the pinch this year parents are still feeling that it is their duty to provide their children with what they want the most and most kids nowadays prefer receiving the most modern toys. So what are the toys of 2012 going to be? What are parents going to be queuing is stores for and what toys and gifts are going to be the most current gift giving trends for 2012.

These are the toys and gifts which are currently leading the pack for the upcoming 2012 season:

InnoTab 2
InnoTab 2

Technology Toys

An electronic tablet for kids is available – and that is the ever popular Kids Tough Tablet. Two manufacturers lead the pack, namely Leapfrog (with the Leapfrog 2) and Vtech (with the Innotab2). Kids Tough Tablets provide a childproof standard, meaning that they are sound enough to withstand the rigors of youth while giving your child a reliable means to learn and play while keeping them off your own ipad.

Nintendo Wii U

A reputable blast from the past, Nintendo, is being re-released with a new twist. Although not yet announced, the latest version, the Nintendo Wii U is expected to be released sometime before Christmas (now scheduled for November) at an anticipated price of around $300 in the USA and around the same price in GBP for the UK.

The Wii U will enable the user to make video calls, surf the web, and play Wii games without the use of a TV. Other special features and functions will be introduced along the way, so many parents are standing by to be among the first to buy this legendary upgrade.

Nintendo Wii U Preview

The 2012 Furby
The 2012 Furby

Cuddly Cuddles Furby Is Back

Furby is not a new toy, but after 14 years it's making a big comeback! The 2012 Furby is a cuddly little heart breaker with its turbo tech dance ability and ear and eye response, looking more adorable than ever.

The Furby can coordinate with your iPhone's custom application, providing an automatic translation of Furby-speak to English, it is also compatible for your ipad, I am not sure if that is a great idea as I wouldn't want little hands asking to use my expensive Apple device.

Furby Gets a Personality

One of the new features on the 2012 version is that one of it's many multiple personalities can appear at any given time. I am not quite sure what those personalities are but I have heard they are based on how you treat it. Ignore it and refuse to feed when it is hungry and it becomes enraged - sound familiar anyone?

The new 2012 Furby is bound to be a sell out aimed at age 6 years and over, it's wise to order your Furby in plenty of time for the holidays as this could quite easily be the number one must have toy for kids.

Building Blocks For Girls

Much to many toy makers' surprise, girls like to build, too! Well according to legendary toy maker LEGO they do. LEGO has decided to cash in and feminize this formerly “boy toy” by creating a new, girl friendly building set with pastel tones and feminine figurines. These two features pair up to create the highly popular LEGO FRIENDS series.

To be honest, from what I have seen there isn't too much in the way of buidling, certainly not to the extent involved in creating a Star Wars Millennium Falcon. I have no doubt that girls are going to love this latest line but not because they like building, if that were the case why don't the play with the same set aimed at the boys, did you not want to be a Princess Leia when you were little?

There are numerous sets to collect and the City Park Cafe seems to be the early leader when it comes to the pack that every girl must have.

Dolls Of All Kinds and Action Figures

Little girls love to play dress up, and Barbie is still Number One. Other popular choices include Monster High dolls and the Bratz dolls, which are a multi-racial, humanitarian group of high school friends. These are what the younger generation are gearing towards.

Action Figures Are Still In, however no longer is it GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip, it's now The Avengers and Batman, with all the characters from the movies. Plastic toy dolls as well as Lego versions (take apart, put back together again) are also available and very popular among the young.

Which One Will You Be Getting?

There you have it, hopefully I have given you some food for thought ranging from the expensive to the affordable. Which one will be in shortest supply is anyone's guess, good luck and happy shopping!!


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    • Teegan E. Ross profile image

      Teegan E. Ross 

      6 years ago from Hovering over my keyboard.

      Have you played with the new Furbies yet? I was pretty impressed - I think I would looooove to have one if I were a kid. Their little personalities are hilarious. Everything I read indicates that they're the most likely toy to sell out for this Christmas, but I suppose time will tell!

      - Teegan at

    • kimbles profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The World

      Thank you peachpurple - I wish they had some of these toys around when I was younger that's for sure.

    • peachpurple profile image


      6 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Great christmas gifts you have suggested. Lego is the best. Kids are really lucky, don't have to work for the gifts. Just ask for them! Voted up


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