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Best Christmas Gifts Under $10 For Christmas 2016 - Save on Holiday Shopping

Updated on November 22, 2016

Looking For Christmas Gifts Under 10 Dollars?

Little things mean a lot so budgeted Christmas gifts need to be packed with good feelings and holiday spirit. Gift giving doesn't have to be extravagent and over the top. If you find nice Christmas gifts under 10 dollars it can still mean a lot yet won't break your Christmas shopping budget.

The key thing when shopping for low cost Christmas gifts is to carefully consider who the gift is for. Sure you can go buy a bunch of gifts and just have them ready to go just in case you need one, but what's special about that. Spend some time and think about what the person likes and you may just come up with some great ideas.

Christmas is not about the quality of the is about giving from the heart. Little gifts mean just as much as the big ones. A great suggestion is to keep some of these gifts on hand just in case you need a little gift for someone during the gift giving season.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

Cheap is only a word. It means you are spending less. You are saving money yet at the same time letting someone know you care. Christmas can become a strain on a family or individual's yearly budget.

Christmas gift giving should be fun. It does not have to make a financial hit on your pocket book.

If you are just looking for some ideas here are some suggestions of the best Christmas gifts on a budget that you can give just about anybody:

  • Movie theatre tickets
  • Fast food restaurant gift card
  • A mug with assorted coffee or tea
  • A pound of nuts
  • Deck of cards with a card game book
  • Board games
  • Picture frames with or without a picture
  • Christmas ornament
  • Holiday decor item
  • DVD Movie
  • Christmas Music CD
  • Pretty jar filled with candy
  • Puzzles
  • Container of homemade cookies
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency car kit
  • Cookbook
  • A jar of cookie mix with a recipe for baking.
  • Pedometer
  • A trip to the neighborhood dollar store can be a great resource for thoughtful and inexpensive gifts. Kids especially like to give and receive gifts from these stores.

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifts Under 10 For Teens

If you are looking for Christmas gifts under 10 for teens you should be able to find a Christmas gift that would thrill any teen. Teens like to hang out and do things with their friends so here are some gift ideas that will cost you less then ten dollars:

  • Movie gift certificate
  • Fast food gift certificate
  • Starbucks card
  • Gas card
  • Cool earrings
  • Scented candles
  • Bracelet bands
  • Funny T shirts
  • Makeup Bag
  • Make A CD of favorite music
  • Decorative bulletin board
  • Itunes Gift Card

Christmas Gifts Under 10 For Kids

Christmas is made for kids so if you are looking for Christmas gifts under 10 for kids the possibilities are endless. Here are some great ideas that will cost you less than 10 bucks:

  • Put a few old fashioned play toys in a gift bag including such things as a yo-yo, jump rope, paddle ball, jacks, marble game etc.
  • Puzzles for kids.
  • Selection of balls to play with.
  • A box of dollar store toys.
  • A collection of Silly Band Bracelets
  • Movie theater admission
  • Books in their age group
  • A cool box for their secret treasures
  • Diary
  • Art set
  • Board game
  • Elastic bands for jewelry making.
  • Sports cars
  • Gift cards

Christmas Gifts Under 10
Christmas Gifts Under 10


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      Leabzari 5 years ago from NICARAGUA

      All them are good ideas, i´ll think about it....thank for this article...