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Christmas Gifts for 11 Yr-Old-Girls

Updated on August 30, 2013

Fun Christmas Gifts for 11-Yr-Old Girls

If a tween girl is on your Christmas shopping list this year, you might be wondering what would make good gifts for her. I've come across parents or relatives who pointed out that it's tricky getting these tweens or preteens gifts.

Recently, I've spent hours browsing through gift ideas for girls between 10-12 years old. After going through a wide selection, I've come up with a list of gift ideas to help out others who are seeking for gifts that would be age-appropriate and well-received by an 11-year-old girl.

There's enough e-distractions for tweens these days, so when I made choices for my list, I didn't go for digital gadgets or accessories for gadgets. Instead, l looked out for toys or craft kits that will stimulate their creativity, and let them use their hands to play, create or make something rather than facing their TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Soon, the 11-year-old will turn into a teen in no time. Growing up, I remember that as a teen, I got too busy to play with crafts or toys because suddenly to me, all these seemed to be more child's play and I wanted to be treated more like a grown-up. "I'm not a kid anymore!" That's probably how many teenagers feel...

On the other hand, a tween is still young enough to want to play with toys and old enough to have her own ideas about what she wants as gifts. Of course, there'll be times when she doesn't even know what she wants! That's the contradictions of tweens.

So while I still can, I would lavish more toys or craft kits on the tween girl before she proclaims that she's too old for such stuff.

Here goes my 5 suggestions of gift ideas for tween girls:

Banded Bracelets

When I was a young girl, making friendship bracelets out of floss embroidery was all the rage back then. I could be wearing several bracelets on my wrist at one go. It felt special making these colorful bracelets and gifting them to friends that I liked. It also made me feel special when I received these bracelets from friends.

Well even today, banded bracelets are still in trend for tweens. Tween girls would love to create band bracelets to exchange or give to their friends. With a banded bracelet-making kit, they could even invite a few girlfriends over to have a little bracelet-making session and have loads of fun in the process. If she's to do it on her own, a banded bracelet kit is likely to keep her occupied over the weekends.

Awesome Origami

Origami is loads of fun, by using small square pieces of paper, the tween girl can fold and transform mere paper into amazing creations of crane, dog, flower, and lots more.

I used to use plain white paper to fold tortoise, shirt and pants when I was a young girl. If I had access to the beautiful range of origami paper that I've seen in retail shops these days, maybe I'd have persisted in learning more about this craft and creating lots more folded pretties to give to family and friends.

Origami offers quiet time activity, and getting the 11-year-old girl a nice origami kit is a great way to introduce her to the fascinating world of paper-folding.

Mini Memory Book

Has the 11-year-old tween you're buying for tried scrapbooking before? If she hasn't, a mini memory book kit is a great starter kit to stir her imagination and keep her entertained while she creates beautiful memories writing, pasting photos, embellishing and designing her memory book.

When I picked up scrapbooking as a hobby in my adulthood, tackling a mini memory book made it easier and more project-based. It's great for beginners. I didn't have to stare at a blank 12" x 12" page and wonder what to put on it. So a little memory book kit is just nice for a beginner or a tween girl.

A memory book kit is usually theme-based, which would guide the girl along in creating memories for her pages. The mini memory book is likely to be a proud creation and a cherished keepsake after she's done completing it.

Day Spa Set

Tween girls have seen their moms and aunts with nail polish on their nails. They've seen how painted fingernails and toenails could immediately change the look of hands and feet. In fact, they would have asked their moms sometime in their young lives to help them paint their nails before. My nieces did. My friend's daughter did too. And you could see the look of sheer delight on these girls' faces. They probably felt like a beauty queen.

So if you have a girly girl who has been enthralled by mommy going for her pedicures and manicures, a spa set is going to be a hit with her! It will let her indulge in the ultimate experience of doing her own nails, or let her pamper her family and friends with little manicure and pedicure sessions.

I won't mind having a tween girl pampering me with a pedicure, that'll be fun!

Sewing Kit is Sew Fun

A sewing kit set might be more challenging for younger girls who will probably need her mom's help with it. But it's perfect for 11-year-old girls as they would be old enough to follow the instructions, complete the project on her own, and giving her sense of accomplishment and a durable toy to display at her bedroom. It's also good training to pick up basic sewing skill.

I would say sewing kits that use felt material to create a toy is much more doable for a young girl. Personally, I have rudimentary sewing skill and I've used felt to create a few handicrafts before and I really enjoyed working with felt. It's a wonderful medium to work with, the texture is thick enough and the edges don't fray like normal fabric does. What's even better is that it's easy to create something cute and pretty using felt! Just look at the felt owls on this sewing kit, they look so charming, cute and cuddly and I want one too!

Get Her a Gift That'll Make Her Happy

Purchasing a Christmas gift for a tween girl can be tricky and yet rewarding. If she doesn't like it, you'll probably get to hear about it. If she loves it, she is going to show it quite obviously! She'll be wanting to play with her new toy or craft kit you've gotten her, and be totally absorbed in her newest play activity. And you'll feel glad you bought her something she enjoys and feels happy playing with.

If the above list of ideas still left you wanting more ideas to get you inspired, there's more ideas for tween girls. Happy Holidays!


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    • profile image

      HappyDots 3 years ago

      Hi Kenzie, I'm glad you enjoyed these ideas! We're a month away from Christmas, so now is the time to gather some gift ideas. :)

    • profile image

      Kenzie 3 years ago

      Those sound like some pretty good ideas

    • profile image

      HappyDots 3 years ago

      Thanks Katie for sharing more gift ideas for 11-year-old girls! Look like nail polish and gift cards seem to be popular. And you've listed several more ideas that others can look into getting! :)

    • profile image

      Katie Minaj 3 years ago

      Hiya, im eleven and the sort of things i'd like for christmas.. New iphone, nail polish, jewelry, nicki minaj perfume, make-up, slippers, pj's, yankee candle, cute purse, primark gift card, earphones, phone case, alarm clock and stuff ;) xxxx

    • profile image

      HappyDots 4 years ago

      Thanks Me for your comment! As an eleven-year-old, you will be sharing with others what other girls your age would love to have as gifts! I think gift card would make a practical gift as it allows the girl to choose whatever she likes with it.

    • profile image

      Me 4 years ago

      Hi I'm eleven and I love rainbow loom. I would suggest nail polish and nail polish pens. Also bath bombs, ear buds, and gift cards too.

    • profile image

      Melanie 4 years ago

      thank you!