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Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers

Updated on October 21, 2012

Buying gifts for friends and family can be stressful enough without also having to figure out what you're going to get your cubicle neighbor. If you're workplace is organizing some sort of Secret Santa exchange, it can make things easier when you've got a specific spending limit, but any sort of gift giving in the workplace can be confusing and complicated when you consider how difficult it is to find something for someone you've never seen outside of work. The following gift ideas are meant to make things easier for you. Not only are they affordable, they are ultra cool and everyone at the office will think you're the bestest!

Bobble heads

Who doesn't love a bobble head? Remember the episode of The Office, when Dwight got his very own? Best gift ever! Bobble heads are cheap (although, obviously, you can get some expensive collectors items, too) and make everyone smile -- even that guy in accounting would love one. And they're not just for guys; you can find Wonder Woman, Supergirl and all sorts of heroes like Batman who women would be happy to drool over while sitting at their desks. Bobble heads. Good gift for random people and friends alike.

Super Cool Flash Drives

I fell in love with these the moment I saw them. How cool would it be to be the only person at work with a hamburger shaped flash drive? Or a hotdog, complete with bun and mustard? Or chocolate cake? They're a bit more expensive than a bobble head but man are they cool -- and they're practical. You won't have to wonder if your coworker could get some use out of this, because you know they will. Even if you don't work in an office you know that everyone can use these with their own home computer. I would love to get one of these.

Personal Fan w/ clip on

A personal fan can come in handy when you work in an office all day, especially if the A/C doesn't work so fabulously. And even if the air conditioning is fabulous, a mini fan can do a wonders for someone who gets tires and needs a brisk breeze to wake them up a bit. And then there's the offices that get too hot in the winter -- voila! This is the perfect gift!

Personalized Mug

Lots of people in the office drink coffee or tea, right? Why not get them a snazzy mug with their own photo on it? Granted it might be hard to get a photo of them, but if you could, that would be a pretty awesome gift. If you can't get a photo you could always go with having their name etched on a glass coffee mug -- these are particularly cool for those people with unusual names, as they likely haven't got anything with their name on it already.


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