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Christmas Gifts for Friends - Luggage Tags

Updated on June 10, 2011

Scrappy Luggage Tags

Need ideas for Christmas presents? Homemade gifts are by far the most treasured by the recipient and they are usually very cost effective. If you are a quilter or sewist, you most likely have plenty of extra fabric scraps laying around and waiting to be put to use.

Brightly colored fabric ID tags make identifying personal luggage a lot easier amongst dozens of others on the baggage carousel and they are a cinch to make.

Materials Needed:

  • Piece of 2” X 14” material for the strap
  • Two pieces of contrasting material 4” x 6” (sew scraps together to make a scrappier look)
  • Iron-on stabilizer (whatever you have available is fine)
  • Stiff fusible interfacing (I used Dritz InnerFuse – Double-Sided Fusible Interfacing)
  • 2.5” X 4” piece of Clear Vinyl (or a sheet protector)
  • Card Stock or thick colored paper

1) Make the Strap

Fold the 2” x 14” piece of material in half lengthwise and iron to make a crease. Open up and fold each side in to meet the fold and iron to make creases. Fold in half and sew close to the edge.

2) Make the Front with ID Pocket

Determine which 4” x 6” piece will be the front and cut a piece of stabilizer to be slightly smaller. Iron the stabilizer to the wrong side of the fabric.

If you happen to have clear vinyl on hand – great! However, I didn’t so I used a plastic sheet protector since I have plenty of them. If using the sheet protector, place the bottom of the sheet where it folds as the open edge of the pocket.

Center the plastic on the front and tape the top edge to hold it in place. Sew close to the edge on three sides, leaving the top open. Don’t forget to take the tape off!

3) Put it all Together

You should have three pieces ready to go, plus the strap:

Sandwich the layers including the raw edges of the strap with the back piece facing the top and fuse together with a hot iron. Flip it over and fuse the edges of the front. Do NOT iron the plastic pocket.

Trim edges about 1/8 of an inch if needed and satin stitch around all four edges. Make an ID card to slip in the pocket and you’re finished! The tag can be attached to the bag using a slip knot.

Front of Tag
Front of Tag
Back of Tag
Back of Tag

This is a basic example and you can build on it however you wish. Embellish it with fancy stitching on the back like a crazy quilt, or use a pretty ribbon instead of the fabric strap. The ID card can be hand drawn using markers or colored pencils – make it personal for the person you’re giving it to.

Here is a PDF version of these instructions to print out if desired.


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