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Christmas Gifts for Trumpet Players

Updated on December 19, 2010

    These are some ideas for gifts for trumpet players. I've chosen this list based on my own experience (as a trumpet player) and the gifts that i have received. I will limit this list to horns that i have played. These are gift ideas for trumpet player or future/potential trumpet players.

1. Pocket trumpets

    The friend of a frequently traveling amateur or professional, pocket trumpets make our lives much easier, because we do not have to worry about carrying out expensive and beloved main horns. My favorite pocket trumpet is the Carol CPT-300LR. These horns are produced by Hoxon Gakki Corporation in Taiwan. These horns are not the chinese/taiwanese horns of old...they are serious players. I feel that for the money, the carol line of instruments outperform most instruments from the United States and Europe. The workmanship is excellent. These can be found at,,, and others. Those are the three sites i would suggest. You could find a wonderful Christmas gift on any of these sites.

The CPT-300LR Carol Pocket trumpet
The CPT-300LR Carol Pocket trumpet

2. Intermediate Trumpets

    For the budding student/beginner, an intermediate or student horn is usually best. Students do not always continue playing after high school or even primary school. Sinking a large sum of money into a high quality professional horn might not be the smartest idea at first. I do not like the student trumpets that are currently sold here in the United States. They are produced to be numerous and expendable. They are not built to the highest standards ( with a few exceptions). I suggest buying a vintage horn for students. Specifically the F.E Olds Ambassador. The picture below is of a beautifully restored 1958 Olds Ambassador. These horns are built like tanks and play better then some newer pro horns. A good Olds Ambassador can be had for less then 400 dollars. That's roughly half the amount that someone might pay for a new student horn.

1958 olds Ambassador
1958 olds Ambassador

3. Professional Level Horns

    I cannot tell you what horn to buy for a first professional trumpet, or as a gift for a professional. The world of brass instruments, and more specifically trumpets encompasses so many brands and models that it would be impossible for me to tell you, the reader, what horn to buy. I can say that if you are thinking of buying a student or yourself a first professional horn, Start with the Bach Stradivarius in one of its many models. I say this, because Bach has been the measuring stick in the industry for a long time. Do not stop at the Bach simply because you think it sounds good. Play as many horns as possible. The horns that i am partial to are the Schilke B1, Bach model 37, Phaeton Bb models, Kanstul 1500B, Conn 38B, Olds Recording, Conn Vintage 1 and many others. This list is quite diverse, and contains horns of different costs. The greatest gift to a student looking for a new horn would be to take them to a reputable dealer and have them play as many horns as possible.

Bach Stradivarius model 37
Bach Stradivarius model 37

4. A leadpipe Swab

    A leadpipe swab could be one of the best gifts to any trumpet player. Swabbing the leadpipe using a specially designed microfiber swab could extend the lifespan of a new instrument for many years. One of the greatest enemies of brass instruments is dezincification, also known as red rot. Trumpet leadpipes degrade over time, leading to expensive and time consuming repairs down the road. Swabbing the leadpipe slows this process. Bob Reeves sells a patented leadpipe swab that is widely used within the trumpet playing world. 

Bob Reeves Leadpipe Swab
Bob Reeves Leadpipe Swab

5. A High Quality protective Case

    A high quality protective case is one of the best gifts you can give to a trumpet player. Many of us have multiple horns, but only have single cases. The case that is pictured below is the loredo model, which is made my torpedo bags ( This is one of the strongest, if not the strongest case on the market. It holds one horn in a high strength crush resistant environment. For those who require a case that can hold multiple horns,  ProTec makes some of the nicest double and triple cases on the market today (

The torpedo Bags Loredo. A beautiful, durable, protective leather hard case.
The torpedo Bags Loredo. A beautiful, durable, protective leather hard case.

6. A trumpet stand

    Many players (myself included) need a stand, but can't justify spending the money to buy one. It can be a pain to stand at a rehearsal for hours holding your horn. 

For those who may be looking....


Please, Please, Please....stay away from brands that you, or other players do not know...Stay away from the supposedly "good deals" on ebay for obscure cheaply made instruments. These will only disappoint and cause a headache to anyone who buys and attempts to play them. In my experience, none of those horns can even hold a candle to a well made student horn. Do the research, read the articles and have fun!

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