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Christmas Gifts for the Women in Your Life, What To Get Your Girlfriend, Wife, Daughter or Granddaughter

Updated on February 5, 2013

Anyone who celebrates Christmas knows that one of the most enjoyable parts of this holiday is spending time with family and friends. Being able to give these special people in your lives a gift that makes them smile is a big bonus. When it comes to gift giving that old saying comes to mind, it truly is the thought that counts. Most people can agree it is better to get a small gift that thought was put into then an expensive generic gift. However, it can be hard to decide what to get for those special women in your life. If you need some great ideas for gifts to give your lucky ladies, you have come to the right place!


Beauty Products

Since most women spend quite a large amount of time in front of the mirror, beauty products are always a great idea. There are many different types of products available, and you can find beauty products that will suit any age group. Here are some great ideas if you have decided to shop for items in this category:

Makeup - This can be a hard one since most women have a favorite brand of make-up. However, you can always find cute gift sets that are targeted for younger girls who are probably just starting to experiment with make-up.

Perfume - If you are buying perfume for your girlfriend, it is probably a good idea to remember what it is that she wears. It is usually pretty easy to sneak into her bathroom and remember the fragrance that she uses most commonly.

Bath and Body Products - Most stores will carry gift sets that include everything a woman could need to pamper herself. Lotions, bath salts, bubble bath, soap, and other toiletries and commonly included in these gift boxes. This is one of the better ideas if you are buying for someone whom you do not know very well. This way, you do not have to pick out specific items and what women can resist a box full of things to pamper herself with?

Spa Day - If you are buying for someone who is really special to you, you could always buy her a certificate to your local spa. She will love the opportunity to spend a day away from the stress of everyday life while having people spoil her!



This is always a great idea for any women no matter who she is or how she is involved in your life. Jewelry is not necessarily a present that you would get for just your girlfriend. Mothers, sisters and daughters all love being able to open a little gift box and see the sparkling surprise inside.

Despite what most people might think jewelry is not always an extremely expensive gift. You can find very pretty and meaningful jewelry that is relatively cheap. Many stores offer sets that include earrings and necklaces for women of all ages. This is a great gift because it is personal while not always very expensive!



This is obviously a gift for that special lady in your life. This can be a tricky gift to buy, which is why when dealing with lingerie you should be comfortable with the girl you are buying it for. Before buying women garments such as this you should have had a conversation about it with her. What kind of lingerie would she feel comfortable wearing? Remember this gift may seem like it is for you, but it is supposed to be for her!



Men are not the only ones who can get excited by electronics. Although this may not cross many peoples minds when trying to think of a gift to buy a woman. However, there are many electronic items that are on girls wish lists for Christmas. If you have decided to buy electronics for the special women in your life but are not quite sure what it is they might want; here are some great ideas: Digital photo frames, digital cameras, laptop computers, cell phone, Amazon kindles, Ipods, and many other wonderful electronic gadgets.



Buying appliances for a woman may seem outdated in this day and age. Years ago buying a woman a washer and dryer for Christmas would have been perfectly acceptable. Today, it would not seem like a very good idea, and she may take it the wrong way. It is not advisable to buy appliances for all women but there are many out there who would be absolutely ecstatic to get a new blender or toaster for Christmas!

Kitchen Equipment

There are thousands if not millions of women who actually enjoy cooking and spending time in their kitchen. It is not un-acceptable to buy a women kitchen paraphernalia. Especially if the woman in your life enjoys spending time baking or cooking for her family. She may need a new set of pots and pans, maybe she needs a new compellation of cook-books, or maybe she has been craving a gadget she saw on TV. There are many different items that you could surprise your little chef with on Christmas day!


Purses, Pocketbooks, and Handbags

All women have items that they must carry with them through-out their daily lives. Some women have more essential items then others, but the moral of this story is that all women need a purse of some sort. This is a gift that you should not attempt to buy without doing some research first. There are so many different types of handbags available that you should know which one the lady you are buying for would want the most.

There are many other great gift ideas for the lucky ladies in your life! Does she have a special hobby that she enjoys doing? If so, you should buy things that go along with this. For example, if she likes to scrapbook, she would most likely enjoy scrap booking items. This is the same for any hobby that your women enjoy doing.

When buying a gift for anybody that you care about you should focus on getting something that is personal to that person. You do not want to get them something that they absolutely have no use for because that only shows that you did not put any thought into the gift at all. It is not important what she gets as long as she knows you spent time thinking about what to get her. Knowing that you took time out of your day to care enough about her and what she would really enjoy or need is going to be enough to make any gift extra special.

A Few Other Ideas

  • Crafts
  • Chocolates
  • Stationary
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Cards
  • Clothes
  • Gloves
  • Homemade Gifts
  • Decorative Items
  • Candles
  • Flowers
  • Pictures
  • Photo Albums

There are countless other ideas for gifts that would be loved by many women. Just remember no matter what it is that you have bought, or how much you have spent, as long as there is thought behind the item you have hit a home run!


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