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Christmas Gifts for your Mom

Updated on December 22, 2013

This Christmas, gift your mom something that she will treasure for a long time. There are many Christmas gifts that you can go for and make your mom feel special. Some of them are listed below:

  • Photos: You can give a photo of you with your mom, which can be hung over the fireplace. You may also make a collage of pictures of the two of you, frame it, and gift it to your mom. A still better option is arranging for a family photo session with her seated in the center. If you can paint, then presenting her with a sketch or a painting of the two of you will also delight her.

  • Fragrances: Perfumes will make great Christmas gifts for your mom. You can go for Chanel or other designer perfumes, or give an assorted collection of perfumes that includes her favorite celebrity perfumes. Women adore fragrances and gifting your mom a bouquet of exquisite-smelling perfumes during Christmas will only add to the festive atmosphere.

  • A wardrobe makeover: All women, including your mom, are fashion conscious and they generally never seem to have enough clothes or accessories. You can surprise your mom by gifting her with a wardrobe makeover during Christmas. You can buy her gowns, dresses, skirts, and tops. A winter jacket will make a great Christmas gift for your mom. Cashmere shawls and silk scarfs will be enviable additions to her collection. Women are always short of handbags and shoes. Get a couple of handbags and purses. Consult your sister or your father for the kind of shoes that she may want. Buy a few pairs and rejoice in the delight that will therein engulf your mom’s face.

  • Personalized home items: If your mom loves adorning the house with varied novel items then you can gift different home items that are compatible with the current setting or theme of the house. You may personalize such items by printing messages or photos of your mom and other family members on them. You can gift personalized home stuffs such as a coffee mug, set of coasters, apron, key rings, wall clocks, and even aNew Year calendar.

  • Cruise tickets: Surprise both your mom and dad by booking a cruise trip for them. They can go on the trip after celebrating Christmas with you and other loved ones. The domestic and work responsibilities and pressures may not allow your parents to spend enough time with each other. A cruise to the Caribbean will be the best treat for them.

  • Home appliances: You can never go wrong when you gift home appliances to your mom as Christmas gifts. This is because it will ease the household chores and alleviate her troubles as a homemaker. All of us like to finish our jobs as quickly as possible and your mom will also be thrilled with the extra time she is left with. Some preferred home appliances that you can gift your mom during Christmas include a fancy blender, coffee maker, mechanized gardening equipment, food processor, and a vacuum cleaner, etc.

  • Jewelry: All women love jewelry and your mom is no different. You can surprise your mom with gold or diamond jewelry. You can opt for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or other pieces of jewelry. You need to ensure that this Christmas gift for your mom is exclusive and nice.

  • A day at the spa: All moms almost never get enough time for themselves as they are forever busy cooking, cleaning, and decorating the home during Christmas. She may slave all day long before Christmas day and forget to unwind and relax for even a few hours. This may make her too exhausted to properly rejoice the big day.

    • You can help rejuvenate your mom beforehand by booking an entire day for her at the spa. Make sure that the spa staff focus on and relax her problem areas, if any. Let your mom get a complete body massage and any other treatment that she desires.Ensure that your mom is fully relaxed in both body and mind at the end of the spa session. You may even drive her (or arrange for a driver) to and from the spa so that she avoids the hassles of navigating traffic.Inform the rest of the family members about the plan so that all of them can help you carry it out without any glitches. The presence of the full family when she gets back home from the spa will be another delightful surprise.

  • An eBook reader: If your mom loves to read, then an e-book reader is a practical Christmas gift. You can choose between a Kindle, Apple iPad, Samsung Tablet PC, or Nook 3G. She will then have easy access to all her favorite books without needing to search varied bookstores for them. In case your mom travels a lot, then the e-book reader will be the best company during such times.


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